Minecraft Cave Spider Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Cave Spider Guide

Scarier mobs are a well-known staple in Minecraft. The classic choice for one such mob in any game including Minecraft is a spider. Minecraft has two. One bigger one and a smaller venomous one.

The latter is also referred to as a cave spider and has rarer spawns than its big, standard counterpart. Nonetheless, it’s a mob that needs to be avoided and defeated. This is something that knowing about a mob can help with, so let’s cover the Minecraft cave spider.


Spider is one of the oldest mobs in Minecraft. These unique hostile mobs were put into the game during the early days and worked as an interesting melee variation of hostile mobs. The spider’s main thing is being able to jump at the player, dealing damage on contact. They are decently big and usually catch the player off guard, unlike the more noticeable zombies or creepers.

However, spiders aren’t just found in one form. There is also a variation of them called cave spiders. Their similarities are mostly tied to the appearance of the mob and the textures used, but there are still quite a few different behaviors.

Cave spider

The cave spider differs from a regular one primarily in size in Minecraft. These mobs will be about half the size of a regular spider and darker in color. Additionally, they will spawn in mineshafts rather than Overworld.

The cave spiders are different in terms of spawns primarily. Unlike regular spiders, they do not naturally spawn. They will be generated by spawners in mineshafts at light level 0 instead. This will often cover the area in cobwebs too.

Cave spider Behavior

Cave spiders inherit behaviors from spiders, meaning they will become hostile toward players as soon as they spot them and chase after them. Cave spiders can spot players through blocks and easily locate them.

Spiders, as expected, can climb over various blocks. They cannot climb on the underside of blocks, so there will be certain areas where we can easily eliminate dangers.

The cave spiders can fit through a space that is merely a block wide and even half a block tall. This ability to squeeze through tiny spaces like this can make them more troublesome as they can easily surprise players accidentally. In addition, tight spaces like mineshafts like this make it even more obnoxious.

A cave spider can also fit past two different fences if they are unconnected. This is easily avoided by connecting the two fences with the same type of fence, but it pays to have attention squarely focused on this target.

These mobs are also considered arthropods which count as Bane of Arthropods enchantment targets. Meaning they will take extra damage from weapons with this enhancement on.

Cave spider Attacks

The cave spiders will attack into melee range, just like the regular ones. However, they will also inflict Poison on the target for 7 seconds. Inflicting a total of 6 damage. The poison damage cannot kill the player, leaving them at 1 health.

Cave spider Drops

Cave spiders drop 0 to 2 stacks of string. They will drop more with each level of Looting, increasing by 1 until hitting a cap at 5.

There’s a 1 in 3 chance cave spiders will drop a spider’s eye. Increasing Looting increases the chance of it dropping. At levels 1 and 2 the spider’s eye has the same chance of dropping, while at level 3, it has 2 in 3 chances of dropping.

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