Minecraft Donkey Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Donkey Guide

The donkeys are one of the main modes of transport and moving of items in the game. With the help of this animal, players can cross long distances faster while having extra storage available. This is because so many capabilities can come from it, especially if we often go about the place. We’ll cover other details tied to Minecraft Donkey in the following article.


Donkeys are passive mobs in Minecraft that the player can use for transporting players or items. These mobs are a bit odd in terms of spawn locations as they can be found in most places with low elevation, no matter the overall temperature of the biome.

These mobs will usually spawn in plains and savannas, though. The ones spawning in the plains biome will come in groups of 1 to 3, while the donkeys that spawn in savannas only spawn in singles. Another spawn location for these mobs would be meadows, where the chance of spawning is like that in plains.

However, things are slightly different in Bedrock Edition. Here, the only biome to spawn donkeys is the plains, and they spawn in groups of 2 to 6. Making them more numerous when they do spawn but rarer across biomes.

Donkey Behavior

Donkeys act similarly to horses in Minecraft. They even count as variants of that mob, making them more like the horse than expected. However, they are smaller than horses and sport long ears. The donkey will also always be of a gray-brown coat.

The donkey can be equipped with a saddle as well as a chest. Saddles allow you to ride the mob, while chests turn them into mobile storage units that can be used to haul items between places. A donkey can either be tamed or tied up with a lead. Either way, you’ll be able to make it follow you.

When it comes to behavior generally, any donkey will be decently friendly to nearby players. However, the donkey will not be mountable unless tamed, as any attempt to saddle it, even with a lead, will make it buckle the saddle off.

Donkeys, for whatever reason, also regenerate health when idle. This can allow us to keep one alive by taking short breaks between dangerous areas of the world.

Donkey Taming

To tame a donkey, a player has to try and mount it repeatedly. The donkey will throw the player off if taming is unsuccessful and show a heart above its head if tamed. The taming itself can be quite random in Minecraft. Each donkey has a certain temper, which will get tested when a mount is attempted. If the random number generated during this test can beat the temper, it will become friendly. Otherwise, the player is buckled.

We can speed this up with food which will improve the overall predisposition of the donkey. It may also grow a donkey if it hasn’t reached full size. However, even with no food, we can try enough times until it works.

Donkey Drops

A donkey drops leather upon being killed. A regular drop will vary between 0 and 2, while one possible with Looting varies between 0 to 3 and up to 0 to 5. This means donkeys can provide quite a few pieces of leather with some luck.

Any equipment, chests, or saddles a donkey is equipped with will also be dropped on kill. Making it more likely our items will survive even if the donkey doesn’t.

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