Minecraft Enderman Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Enderman Guide

With so many biomes in Minecraft, we will find many entirely unique mobs. Some of them even spawn generally throughout the world. Enderman is one such mob, with behaviors extremely specific to them. Their overall odd behavior is something worth exploring. Because of the amount of information, we’ll overview the Minecraft enderman below.


Minecraft Enderman is a unique mob that can appear quite early in the game but shouldn’t be engaged until the player has crafted decent gear. Enderman is easily recognizable with its long limbs and purple eyes. Often, they’ll be found standing around with a block in their hands.

If the player walks away from them, they will not turn hostile, but if you stare into their eyes, enderman will attack. Teleporting after the player and hitting them for decent damage.

Endermen will spawn on any solid surface but require a light level of 0, meaning they only spawn in proper darkness in Overworld or the End. However, the Nether is a different story. It is a place where endermen can spawn even at a light level of 7 or less.

Endermen are present in almost all biomes and any of the dimensions of the game. However, they won’t appear in mushroom fields or deep dark. Endermen are known to spawn in small groups as well. These groups will have at most 3 members, but seeing a single one is much more common. The only difference to this group size is the End, where these mobs can spawn in groups of 4.

Enderman Behavior

An Minecraft enderman is a neutral mob that will retaliate if hit. This goes for mobs and players. Meaning some problems can be dealt with by positioning yourself between the enderman and the other enemy. Additionally, the player should avoid looking at them for too long, or they’ll also turn hostile.

Once triggered by sight, they will open their mouth and produce an eerie sound. However, they won’t move. Sometimes it’s safest to stare at them and wait until they teleport away. Not staring at them will result in endermen instead of running and teleporting toward the player.

Endermen have a ton of extra effects, such as being hostile to endermites, and being able to step across a one block high area. Teleporting if hit by arrows, taking no damage from arrows if not hostile as well. They move blocks randomly and will drop them if killed. They may also place them down and continue doing so even when agitated.

Enderman Drops

Minecraft Endermen drop 0 or 1 ender pearl. An extremely important item for entering the End through portals is found in the stronghold structure. Ender pearls increase in drop chance, going all the way up to 4 if the player gets Looting 3 and scale by 1 with each level of Looting. Considering that players will need quite a few to open the portal, this is greatly advised enhancement.

Endermen also drop a block they are holding and 5 experience points when killed. If they hold no blocks at the moment, there will be no extra drops.

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