How to fix Minecraft error code deep ocean

How to fix Minecraft error code deep ocean

While we have a great time playing video games, sudden errors can screw up our enjoyment. The issues are plenty but with error codes and some telltale signs, we can figure out solutions. Minecraft has quite a few error codes that can affect us. One of the most annoying ones being Deep Ocean. So let’s go over how to fix the error code Deep Ocean Minecraft.

Error codes and what do they mean?

The error code is meant to tell us about the issues the program happened upon when trying to run. This function is very helpful due to the information it provides, aiding us in diagnosing the problem.

Minecraft has its own error codes, each of which is supposed to help the player recognize where the issue lies. That can help us eliminate many possible problems on both the client and server sides.

Deep ocean error code in Minecraft

Deep ocean error code in Minecraft

An error code that has plagued the community for a long time is Error Code 0x80070057. Better known as Deep Ocean. The error code comes complete with an error message saying, “Something went wrong in the login process.”

The error code will show up most often due to Internet connection issues or because your Minecraft Launcher could be compromised. Of course, the reason for that varies, but don’t worry. We will cover solutions for multiple causes.

Use the Repair feature of your computer

The best way to take care of problems with files inside any application is to apply the Repair feature. This feature aims to resolve missing or corrupted files within the application, leading to a fast solution to your problem.

  • To reach the Repair option, you will need to follow these steps:
  • Enter Windows Settings
  • Click on Apps & Features
  • Select Apps
  • Find Minecraft Launcher and click on it
  • Enter Advanced Options
  • Lower on the list, you’ll find the Repair button

The Repair option does a few things. For one, it fixes any damaged files. Missing files will be scanned for, too, making sure everything is accounted for. The use of this solution is simple, and so is the issue it solves. But it is not the only source of concern nor the only factor in such issues.

Reinstall Minecraft

There is a solution to be found elsewhere. Reinstalling the game is another way to go about the issue that Deep Ocean poses. Removing all the corrupted files and refreshing all the components of the game. To reinstall the game, make sure to go through the proper channels:

  • Sign out of Microsoft Store
  • Sign out of Minecraft Website
  • Enter Apps & Features
  • Locate Minecraft in the list
  • Press Uninstall
  • Restart the computer
  • Open the Run dialog box (Windows key + R)
  • Write wsreset.exe and select OK
  • This action will spawn a Command Prompt
  • The Command Prompt will disappear after 10 seconds
  • After that, Microsoft Store will open automatically
  • Log into the store and install the Minecraft launcher again

Reinstalling the game in this way will clear out any remaining problems found deep within our files. These can be difficult to locate, so this quick and snappy solution helps.

Reset the PC

The last and most generic solution is resetting your PC. It’s probably the most extreme prerequisite for the fix, but sometimes, this disentangles many problems. Do make sure to back up your data in order to prevent losses of data. To fully reset your PC, follow through with these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Click Update & Security
  • Enter the Recovery tab
  • Click on Get started button, found below Reset this PC option

Again, this is an intense solution that will run a deep fix on both the game and the computer. Your PC will be refreshed with all the included files found within. Take extra care to back up your data. Otherwise, it may be lost forever.

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