Minecraft Glow Squid Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Glow Squid Guide

Underwater areas in Minecraft are intricate locations of unique wildlife. Although land has plentiful varied biomes, the underwater areas feel like an entirely different game. This feeling is helped in no small amount by the passive and hostile aquatic mobs player has to deal with. Among them, glow squids are the most apparent. Partially due to the fact they actually glow and are thus easily visible and partially due to their frequency of spawning in their respective biomes. So let’s go over the traits of a Minecraft glow squid below.


Squids are black in color and swim through underwater areas in Minecraft. The mob will spawn easily but can’t spawn in situations where there isn’t at least a single extra block above it and below it that is filled with water. They are a key source of ink sacs, so hunting them down is advised if you need that item. However, after a certain depth, they stop appearing and are replaced with glow squid.

Glow squid

Minecraft Glow squid is an aquatic mob that has a glowing body that can help visibility in underwater areas. These mobs are common in dark underwater areas, usually replacing the regular squid in these locations. They are passive and do not attack the player but have little ways of responding to being attacked.

Glow squids spawn in groups of 2 to 4 and require total darkness, as well as being at least as low as layer 30. The glow squid can also spawn without a water block above or below.

Glow squid Behavior

These mobs just wander around aimlessly throughout the sea. They open and close their tentacles, making it seem like they are pushing themselves through the water. It’s an area they have to remain in too, as these mobs can die on dry land. As with most aquatic mobs, the tradeoff is that they aren’t capable of drowning.

These mobs are passive and can be so random in motion that they end up beaching themselves. The glow squids do not interact with players in any considerable way. Instead, preferring to go on about their day.

A glow squid constantly produces particles around them, but if attacked in Minecraft, it will try to confuse the attacker with a cloud of turquoise ink particles while swimming away. This often happens when a glowing squid is near guardians and axolotls as they attack glow squids.

When harmed, this mob stops glowing for a bit. Its light will eventually turn back on after a few seconds. Whether the glow squid’s light is active or not, it does not illuminate the area around itself. Instead, only causing itself to be visible.

Glow squid Drops

A glow squid will drop one to three glow ink sacs when killed in Minecraft. The number of potential drops goes up to 6 with three levels of the Looting enchantment. With this item, the player can make glowing signs.

Additionally, the glow squid will drop 1 to 3 experience points. That isn’t too much, but it can give us some extra boons.

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