How to breed Camels in Minecraft

How to breed Camels in Minecraft

Minecraft, the ever-evolving game with a universe of its own, has introduced a new character to its repertoire – Camels! The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tails update unveiled these fascinating creatures, adding an intriguing layer of gameplay to the desert biome.

Although this article is written before the official release, we’ve gathered all the details from the snapshots, allowing you to be one step ahead in learning how to breed Camels in the sandy landscapes of Minecraft.

How to breed Camels in Minecraft

The process to breed camels is relatively straightforward. When a camel consumes a cactus, it enters a state known as “love mode.” By feeding cacti to two camels and having them close to each other, they can mate and produce a baby camel. Once the baby camel is born, the parents enter a cooldown period of five minutes before they can breed again.

Baby Camel

The baby camel is not just a cute addition to your Minecraft family but is an asset in its own right. Initially, it takes about 20 minutes for a baby camel to mature into an adult. However, this growth time can be reduced by 10 percent each time it is fed a cactus.

Over time, the baby camel will grow, providing another friendly companion that can be used like any other animal in Minecraft.

Characteristics of Camels in Minecraft

These magnificent beasts are larger than any other rideable mob in the game, boasting up to 16 hearts or 32 health points. Their towering stature offers a tactical advantage – Hostile Mobs simply can’t reach a player riding atop a camel.

So, hopping on one of these colossal creatures could potentially save your skin from unfriendly attackers. It’s also worth noting that these passive mobs won’t require any taming. However, they do have a penchant for exploration. It’s advisable to keep them leashed to prevent your camel from wandering too far away.

Camels exhibit a unique and useful ability – a quick forward dash instead of a conventional jump. This can prove to be extremely helpful in quick getaways or traversing large distances quickly. Moreover, they’re passive by nature, causing no harm unless provoked, which makes them quite a handy companion to have around in the game.

In the wide expanses of the Minecraft world, Camels make their home in the desert village, particularly frequenting the town center. Adventurers would do well to keep an eye out for these creatures when exploring the sandy expanses of the desert biome.

Interestingly, Camels have a strong affinity towards cacti. When a player is holding a cactus, these creatures will eagerly follow for a specified distance – 10 blocks in the Java Edition and 16 blocks in the Bedrock Edition. However, caution is advised, as a camel can sustain damage if a player inadvertently walks into a cactus while in proximity.

The desert biome is abundant with cacti, which not only serve as an effective lure for camels but also play an essential role in breeding them. Feeding cacti to camels is the primary step towards their reproduction.

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