How To Find The Swamp Biome In Minecraft?

How To Find The Swamp Biome In Minecraft

You most likely found out somewhere that Slime mobs spawn in the jungle and you wanna have some fun with the sticky pistons. Maybe you just genuinely like the biome and feel like setting up a base in there. Perhaps you need a blue flower or some vines? Who the hell knows but the point of this article is to tell you how to find this specific biome. Without further ado, let’s go!

The first technique

It’s easy, simply load a new world in and spawn in the swamp biome. Just kidding, you’re gonna have to keep going in a straight line till you find yourself a swamp – you should get yourself a boat in case you find a massive ocean. Remember your house coordinates so you know how to come back!

The second technique

Simply create a new world over and over again till you spawn or find a swamp biome nearby. It sounds ridiculous but after a few minutes, it worked out for me. 

The third technique

You’ll need to have cheats enabled and enter a command called:

/locate biome

Simply type the name of the biome and wait for the response. You should get something like this:

Make sure to check your F3 menu for coordinates and you should be good. 

Why are swamp biomes important?

Primarily for the Slimes. They are mobs that resemble green cubes, they drop slime balls that you can combine with pistons to create sticky pistons. You can also create slime blocks for Redstone constructions. The biome overall has unique characteristics, like different types of flowers, as well as vines, and a wet/ragged landscape. It appeals to some players for some reason!

How do I pick up vines from trees?

You need shears. Simply place two iron ingots diagonally in the crafting grid. Click LMB on vines with your shears equipped for them to drop!

Why are swamps so annoying to travel through?

Welp, if you are new, there are plenty of obstacles, such as Lilly pads that will slow your boats down, overall the landscape is pretty ragged and you better have some jumping skills. 


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this little article. It brought the most useful techniques for finding the biome and we ended the article with some FAQ. Have a lovely rest of the day and thank you!

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