How To Get Ward Armor Trim In Minecraft

How To Get Ward Armor Trim In Minecraft

Diving into the intriguing world of Minecraft, one cannot help but marvel at the myriad opportunities for creativity and exploration that it offers. Among its vast array of features is a special item that truly stands out for its uniqueness – the Ward Armor Trim. This special Smithing Template, introduced as part of the much-anticipated Minecraft 1.20 update, has become a sought-after item for Minecraft veterans and newbies alike.

Where to Find Ward Armor Trim in Minecraft

To secure this desirable item, a foray into the mysterious Deep Dark Biome is required. Nestled within this biome, you will find a naturally spawning structure – the Ancient City. This underground city offers players a myriad of treasures, among which lies the elusive ward armor trim.

The treasure chest of the Ancient City is a veritable trove of Minecraft items. However, you must exercise patience in your quest for the ward armor trim, as its appearance rate in these chests is a mere 5%.

Reaching the Ancient City isn’t a cakewalk either, but the reward at the end of this arduous journey makes the entire ordeal worthwhile. To help you in this journey, there are comprehensive guides available to make the task of finding the Ancient City less daunting.

Upon arrival at the Ancient City, you will encounter chests that are guarded by sculk sensors and sculk shriekers. Brave through these challenges and open the chests to find the much-coveted ward armor trim. Don’t lose heart if your initial attempts come up empty. With patience and determination, you are bound to eventually find the ward armor trim in one of the chests scattered across the Ancient City.

While on your adventure, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Silence Armor Trim. This variant of the Smithing Template is even more elusive, boasting a mere 1% appearance rate. Though your primary goal may be the ward armor trim, securing the Silence Armor Trim would be an equally exciting achievement.

What to Craft with Ward Armor Trim

What to Craft with Ward Armor Trim

Having secured the ward armor trim in Minecraft, your creative journey can truly begin. The first task you might want to undertake is the duplication of the ward armor trim. This process requires 1x Cobbled Deepslate, 7x Diamond, and the hard-earned ward armor trim itself.

On a crafting table, the 7 Diamonds need to be arranged in a U shape. The ward armor trim fits snugly between the two diamonds in the top row, while the Cobbled Deepslate sits in the middle of the grid. Follow these steps correctly, and you’ll have a fresh ward armor trim at your disposal.

However, the real allure of the ward armor trim lies in its application. Using the Armor Trim Smithing Templates, you can customize all types of armor in Minecraft to reflect your unique style. To do so, you need a blacksmithing table with updated functionality, a special dye, the Armor Trim Smithing Template, and the armor you wish to customize.

As you apply the ward armor trim to your armor, remember that its purpose is purely aesthetic. The ornamentation does not offer any additional properties to your armor. However, the ward armor trim offers a splendid visual makeover to your gear, making it a must-have for every Minecraft enthusiast who loves to personalize their gameplay experience.

And so, the ward armor trim in Minecraft offers a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Minecraft, enhancing your creative journey in this captivating game. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer, finding, crafting, and applying the ward armor trim is an exciting adventure that will make your Minecraft experience all the more enjoyable.

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