How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft

How to Summon Lightning in Minecraft

Becoming a master at Minecraft involves learning and mastering many different aspects of the game, one of which is the ability to control the elements themselves. Yes, you heard it right. In this game, it’s possible to summon lightning, giving you an edge and providing a unique sense of power.

This article focuses on the necessary commands and techniques you can use to “Summon Lightning in Minecraft”. Whether you play in creative or survival mode, or even wish to target other entities, we’ll cover it all.

Basics of Lightning Commands in Minecraft

To begin with, we’ll get acquainted with the basic commands associated with summoning lightning in Minecraft, specifically in the Bedrock Edition. You might be wondering, “How can I summon lightning exactly where I stand?”

The answer is simple; use the command “/summon lightning_bolt”. This code will call a lightning bolt down right on your location, proving to be both simple and incredibly powerful. However, it’s worth mentioning that using this command will not affect players, mobs, or entities a few blocks away from you.

Summoning Lightning Near Yourself or In Your Vicinity

There are instances where you might want to call down a bolt of lightning near yourself, or within your immediate surroundings, instead of directly at your location. To achieve this, use the command “/summon lightning_bolt ~ ~ ~4”. What’s unique about this command is its flexibility, which lies in the number at the end.

You can replace the “4” with any numerical value depending on the distance you want the lightning bolt to strike. For instance, if you want the lightning to hit five blocks away from you, simply replace “4” with “5”. The options are endless, as you can replace it with any desired number.

Summoning Lightning at a Specific Entity

What if you want to call down a lightning bolt on a specific player, mob, or entity in Minecraft? That’s when a slightly more complex command comes into play: “/execute at @e[name=”test”] run summon lightning_bolts”. In this command, “test” is a placeholder that you replace with the target’s name.

For instance, if you’re aiming for a player named “Master,” the command would read “/execute @e[type=”entity type”,name=”name”] run summon lightning_bolts”. Be mindful if a username consists of spaces; in such cases, enclose the username within quotation marks to ensure the command works correctly.

By combining the above commands, you can achieve more complex effects. Suppose you want to summon lightning a few blocks away from a player or an entity, the technique discussed in the previous sections allows for such precision. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be a pro at controlling Minecraft Lightning.

Summoning Lightning in Survival Mode

If you’re more into playing Minecraft in survival mode, you might wonder, “How can I summon lightning without using commands?” Well, Minecraft has you covered. The key to summoning lightning in survival mode is an enchantment known as Channeling, which you apply to a trident.

To get your hands on a trident, you must face and defeat drowned enemies who are holding one. These drowned enemies are typically found in the deep ocean or river biomes. Approach them with caution, as drowned enemies wielding tridents can attack from a significant range.

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