Lure Minecraft Enchantment

Lure Minecraft Enchantment

Enchantments help you increase the value of your tools, weapons and armor. Ultimately, they are an amazing feature that helps every player make the best of their minecraft equipment. They come in many forms.

The enchantment we’re going to Conttalk about here is Lure. Keep reading to learn everything about it. 

How to obtain the Lure enchantment

Because it’s an enchantment used for fishing in Minecraft, Lure can only be added to fishing rods.  You can obtain it in a similar way to how you can obtain other enchantments.

On one hand, you can use an enchantment table to place the fishing rod and randomly get the enchantment from the list. Another way to get it is to place an enchanted book that has the enchantment on an anvil and combine it with the fishing rod.

You can find a Lure enchantment book from exploring the wild, in a chest in strongholds, mine shafts, pyramids and other structures. 

What does the Lure enchantment do?

The Lure enchantment makes it more likely that your fishing rod will hook a fish. Technically speaking, it decreases the time required to wait for your fishing rod to hook a fish by 5 seconds per level. 

You can have it as up to a level 3 enchantment, with Level 3 decreasing the wait time for hooking a fish by a whole 15 seconds. You can use commands to upgrade it beyond that, but after level 5 the effects do not work and you won’t be able to hook a fish at all. 

Where can you use the Lure enchantment?

Lure is an enchantment in Minecraft that’s extremely useful regardless of what you’re using fishing for. Even if you don’t care about treasures and just want to get some fish, Lure increases the rate at which you hook fish, so it’ll also increase the rate at which you catch them

Key Takeaways

From what we’ve discussed here, you should remember the following things about Lure:

  • You can only add Lure to fishing rods.
  • It is found either in enchanted books that you can combine with a fishing rod, or you can put it in an enchantment table and get the enchantment randomly.
  • The enchantment decreases the time it takes for you to hook a fish by 5 seconds per level. Meaning, at level 3, or the max enchantment level, the wait time to hook a fish will be reduced by 15 seconds.
  • It is a useful enchantment for all types of fishing, because you always need shorter fishing times regardless of what you’re fishing for. 

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