Minecraft Mule Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Mule Guide

There are very few available options when it comes to mounts. Fewer yet when it comes to transferring items from one place to another. Both of these requirements are solved with mule. A mule is a passive mob that doesn’t naturally spawn. One that will prove to be a perfect beast of burden for any player traveling far distances to farm. So let’s get into the overview of the Minecraft mule.


The horse is a mob in Minecraft, most known for its use as a mount. Saddles and leads are exceptionally useful on these mobs. Either immediately being able to saddle horses or leading them back to a place where it will be easier to mount them.

With horses, we can breed new animals. If you breed two horses, it will spawn a new horse. However, if you breed a horse and a donkey, it will result in a mule. A new mob with some unique traits.


An offspring of a horse and donkey, the mule, is a mix of both. They cannot spawn in Minecraft. Naturally, the only way for them to spawn is by breeding horses and donkeys, as noted before. These mobs cannot breed at all, being completely infertile.

These offspring start as foals and grow over time. Once they end up growing, mule foals will get the full capabilities of the mob. A mule can be the same size as a horse while being as capable as a donkey. This applies to their ability to have a chest.

Mule Behavior

Mules will merely walk about, eating grass and walking about. No mule will refuse to have a lead put on them. The use of this lead will allow players to move the mule about the place. With the wild mules, we will experience the same experience. But, of course, attempting to saddle an untamed mule it will flail about.

In addition to the standard minecraft behavior, this mob has a unique ability. Mules will heal passively when not in combat. This regeneration can keep the mule alive for far longer than usual. The ability will kick in soon enough, but it’s quite slow, so keep it in mind. It’s not as reliable and fast for healing.

Mule Breeding

Breeding isn’t an option for mules, as they are only spawned by cross-breeding horses and donkeys. However, if you find one, they can be spawned with a mule egg.

Mule Taming

It’s possible to tame a mule in Minecraft by attempting to ride it over and over again. If they end up showing hearts, the player will tame them. However, it’s possible to speed up this process with food. The mule being fed food ends up being easier to tame, so it pays to try it out. Of course, the small ones will potentially grow while being fed as food accelerates the speed at which they grow.

Mule Drops

Minecraft mules will drop 0 to 2 leather. Overall, these drops are decently important. The maximum level of this drop scales with Looting, with the maximum drop of leather becoming 5 at level 3 of Looting.

It will be dropped once the mob is killed if you equip anything to a mule. Picking it up quickly if needed.

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