Minecraft Panda Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Panda Guide

With rare mobs, we can find some interesting subjects to look into. The panda is a simple and sweet one, with multiple personalities. All of these mobs are very interesting to look at while also having some extra usage across the world. It’s time to go over the varied behaviors of Minecraft panda.


Minecraft Panda is among the rarer neutral mobs we can find in Minecraft. The usual place of residence for a panda is a jungle. Whether it’s a regular jungle, bamboo jungle, or sparse jungle, we can only find pandas there.

Pandas only spawn if the jungle biome has grass blocks and a light level of 9 or above. These mobs are more frequent in bamboo jungles but still aren’t as likely to spawn as some other mobs. Each time pandas spawn, the game generates either one or two of them.

This low number makes them even rarer to spot in the wild. Additionally, some of them may spawn as cubs. With a 5% chance of that happening.

Panda Behavior

Pandas are unique in terms of behavior in Minecraft. Every panda has a randomized personality when it spawns, which will stick about as long as they are alive. This personality will most commonly end up being normal, while other personality traits will have a certain description and chance of spawning so let’s cover them by personality.


A lazy panda has a smile on its face as the key identification. These pandas will also lie on their backs and move about far less. In fact, even when lazy pandas move, they won’t go too far. This is due to their reduced movement speed when compared to normal pandas. This reduction makes them the slowest land mob.


Another panda personality available is a worried panda. Their worried expressions can easily be noticed. But, more importantly, they will be more noticeable due to avoiding many of the mobs and the player while also exhibiting fear during thunderstorms.


A playful panda always has its tongue sticking out, which makes them easy to identify. Whenever they feel like it, playful pandas will roll around. Although this ability is usually exclusive to baby pandas, this specific personality can do it regardless.


The most dangerous panda, the aggressive panda, can be spotted by their thick eyebrows and a frowny face. These pandas will not stop attacking a target until it dies or gets away. It will not panic and won’t fear any mob. Instead, they will become hostile if hit at any point, lumbering towards the enemy to hit them with their long reach.


A complete opposite, weak pandas, are big pushovers. Their teary eyes can help players identify them. Additionally, their noses will be snotty, with occasional sneezes following the panda’s usual behavior too. On top of this, weak pandas have only half of the regular ones’ health.

Pandas automatically look for cake and bamboo to eat. Only the worried ones are not exhibiting this behavior. They will search for this food as soon as they become adults. While no panda except for the worried one is fully frightened of thunderstorms, every panda will make whimpering sounds if thunder strikes.

It should be noted that there are also brown pandas that do not exhibit different personality traits. In fact, they may spawn with one of the other traits while only changing their coat color.

Panda Drops

If you kill a panda in Minecraft, it will drop bamboo. The number of bamboo stacks dropped depends on the edition. In Java Edition, the panda will drop a single bamboo no matter the Looting level or other specifications. However, in Bedrock Edition, the panda will drop up to 2 bamboos. This increases with each level of Looting.

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