Minecraft Parrot Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Parrot Guide

Tropical areas are filled with unique mobs. The flying ones especially result in some unique designs. Parrots are the most common ones in such places, with their varied feather colors. Of course, these mobs are more than just pretty colors. Let’s see exactly why in the overview of Minecraft parrot.


Minecraft Parrots are quite rare mobs that appear in the jungles. Therefore, their overall appearance will vary from one to another, considering multiple variations being available. However, all parrots share some distinct features. The first one is that they fly around and can perch on the player’s shoulder.

The other is their ability to imitate the sounds of hostile mobs. This can make for a very silly experience where their imitations could scare the player and make them take care of. While in actuality, there’s nothing but a passive mob nearby.

Parrots are very rare and require a specific altitude to spawn. They will also require logs, leaves, or grass blocks to be at their spawn point to even appear. A parrot usually has about a 0.2 chance of spawning in one of the jungles. This includes regular jungles as well as bamboo and sparse jungles. When they spawn, one or two of these mobs can appear.

Parrot Behavior

Parrots are passive mobs in Minecraft that will fly around canopies of trees. They can fly upwards, sideways, or in any other direction, but it’s also possible for this mob to get tired. Should a parrot get tired, it will land on the ground. No matter the distance they drop from, parrots take no damage as they are immune to fall damage.

Any amount of parrots nearby will flock to all sorts of other mobs. This includes neutral and hostile mobs. Usually, they won’t be attacked by any of the mobs and can often avoid any potential fights should something try to harm them.

If you wish to tame one, seeds are your best bet. Each seed fed to a parrot has about a 10% chance of taming it. A parrot will follow the player once tamed, even perching on a player’s shoulder. The player can make the parrot perch by walking over a grounded one but can land by themselves too. A perched parrot is immune to being hit by attacks.

Parrots will dance when near a jukebox. No matter whether it’s on the shoulder or on the ground, a parrot will keep dancing. They will also imitate the sounds of certain mobs, with a slightly higher pitch that players can distinguish. This includes sounds such as creeper’s hiss.

Parrots also come in five different color palettes. These are meant to imitate birds from the parrot family. They include scarlet macaws, hyacinth macaws, blue-and-yellow macaws, great green macaws, and cockatiels.

Parrot Drops

If killed, a parrot will drop one or two feathers. Should a player use the Looting enhancement, this number goes up by one for each level of the enhancement, up to five. They will also drop a bit of experience, between one and three.

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