Punch Minecraft Enchantment

Punch Minecraft Enchantment

Many of Minecraft’s enchantments for some types of items have analogues that can be used on other items. For example, Power for bows is similar to Sharpness for swords. 

Punch is an enchantment that has an analogue, as well. To find out what the analogue is, what Punch does and what to use it for, keep reading. 

How to obtain the Punch enchantment in Minecraft

Punch is a bow enchantment and can only be applied to bows in Minecraft. You can technically apply it to anything else using commands, but it wouldn’t have any effects.

You can obtain it the same way any other enchantments in the Minecraft are obtained. One option is to use an enchantment table by placing the bow in the enchantment table, then selecting the enchantment from the list. Another option is to find an enchanted book and combine the bow with it on an anvil.

Punch isn’t mutually exclusive with any enchantment in the Minecraft, meaning you can combine it with anything else on the same item. 

What does the Punch enchantment do in Minecraft?

The Punch enchantment can be considered an analogue of the Knockback enchantment for swords. This means that they have more or less the same effects.

Punch increases the knockback on hit when you shoot a mob or player with an arrow. For every level, it adds 3 blocks of distance to the base knockback, with the max level being level 2. You can technically go higher with commands, but the level cap is 255. 

Where can you use the Punch enchantment?

This enchantment can be used in all combat situations, since knockback is always a useful feature considering it gives you the ability to heal or reposition while the enemy is further away from me.

It is especially useful in sky-based PVP game modes, where one of the things you can do to defeat an opponent is knock them into the void, and Punch can do that easily.

Key Takeaways

You should take note of the following things when talking about Punch:

  • It is a bow enchantment that cannot be applied to anything else.
  • It is not mutually exclusive with any enchantments.
  • The enchantment is a bow analog to the sword enchantment Knockback. They have the same effect, which is increasing the default knockback when you hit a mob with the enchanted item.
  • You can go up to a max of level 2, where the knockback will increase by 6 blocks distance.
  • It is a very useful enchantment, especially for PVP game modes played in a sky-based map, because you can knock people into the void easily. 

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