Riptide Minecraft Enchantment

Riptide Minecraft Enchantment

In Minecraft, there are many features designed to make the game easier for you, such as compasses or the recipe book. Another such feature is enchantments, which are benefits you can add to weapons, armor, and tools. 

Riptide is an enchantment that we will be discussing today. Keep reading to learn more about it, what it does and how to use it. 

How to obtain the Riptide enchantment in Minecraft

First off, we should take note that Riptide is an enchantment that only works on tridents. 

Riptide in Minecraft can be acquired the same way you acquire other enchantments. One way is to use an enchantment table and manually apply the enchantment to a trident by selecting Riptide from the list, while the other way is to combine a trident with an enchanted book on an anvil. 

Riptide is mutually exclusive with two enchantments: Loyalty and Channeling. 

What does the Riptide enchantment do?

If you put Riptide on your weapon in Minecraft, you will only be able to throw it when you stand in water, or you get exposed to rain. When that happens, the trident launches the player into the air. 

Specifically, the trident throws users a number of blocks equal to the formula (6 x level) + 3 when in rain or standing in water, and (4 x level) + 3 while underwater. If it can’t rain in a biome, then this enchantment can’t be used. There are 3 levels total to the enchantment. 

When the player hits an entity while using Riptide, the entity will take damage equal to throwing damage, and the damage can be critical.

The reason why it is incompatible with Loyalty is that a trident enchanted with Riptide won’t leave the player’s hand, and the reason why it is incompatible with Channeling is that it would hit the player with lightning. 

Where can you use the Riptide enchantment?

Minecraft Riptide is more of a movement enchantment than it is an enchantment used for combat. When used vertically, it can help you easily ascend places. The damage done by hitting entities isn’t bad, but it’s not the primary use of this enchantment.

The reason for this is that having the enchantment means you can’t have other enchantments like Channeling, which is more damage based, so you’re essentially trading maximizing damage for better mobility.

Key Takeaways

When talking about the Riptide enchantment, make sure to note the following things:

  • It is an enchantment for tridents.
  • You can get it by using an enchantment table or by using an anvil. 
  • The enchantment is incompatible with Channeling and Loyalty, the two other trident-exclusive enchantments.
  • Its effect is that it launches the player into the air when they hold it and try to throw it. The specific number of blocks traveled depends on the level of the enchantment, with the max level being 3. 
  • A condition for its effect is that a player has to be either in water or during rain. 
  • Entities hit by tridents enchanted with Riptide take damage equal to throwing damage from tridents. 
  • The enchantment is good if you want to trade maximum damage for mobility, since you can’t use the other trident enchantments. 

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