Minecraft Salmon Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Salmon Guide

Undersea areas of Minecraft are covered in fish. Salmon ranks among the most common of these, together with cod. Common and elaborate, these fish have a lot of details that accompany them vary. We will go over what these are in the Minecraft salmon overview.


A common aquatic mob, a salmon, is found in both oceans and rivers. They are quite simple and easily recognizable mobs that rest around these areas. With these mobs, spawning locations will include the biomes such as: rivers, frozen rivers, cold oceans, deep cold oceans, frozen oceans, and deep frozen oceans. These locations have plenty more aquatic mobs, but salmon are among the most common.

In Java Edition, salmon spawn in groups. These come in sizes of 1 to 5 salmons. A spawn like this will require cold and frozen oceans. Otherwise, rivers will generate them too. There is also a deep variant of the salmon, which would spawn in deep oceans.

Bedrock Edition is quite different. The salmon spawn 12 to 32 blocks away from the player as they reveal more of the ocean. As for the spawn numbers, groups can number between 3 and 5 members. Additionally, the size of the mob varies. The salmon sizes are small, normal, and large, with them having the highest chance to spawn as normal.

Salmon Behavior

Salmon will be found in Minecraft swimming about in schools. At the same time, they can spawn at most with 5 members but can form groups of up to 7. The salmon is capable of swimming about the place at a decent speed. However, they will also swim up the waterfalls. 

If, at any point, salmon is put out of the water, it will flop around and eventually die from suffocation. The mob will also flop about on dry land when put on land like this. It’s also important to note that salmon can be collected with a bucket. When you do so, it will give you a bucket of salmon. The salmon will survive in water until removed from it. This can be done by emptying the bucket at a block.

As far as the weaknesses of the mob go, it will take extra damage from impaling enhancement. That specific enhancement will deal extra damage to every aquatic mob.

Salmon Drops

With salmon, the drops will always include raw salmon. The raw salmon will be turned into cooked salmon when killed on fire. These salmon will be a great food source, especially early on. If you have a lot of this fish, you’ll be good.

Depending on the edition, we’ll get a few different drops. Java Edition includes a 5% chance of a bone meal dropping. However, it’s not the most common of drops. If you are playing Bedrock Edition, bones can drop. This will result in a single bone dropping from a salmon size, small or medium. A large salmon has a chance to drop 1 to 2 bones instead. Both of these bone drops have a 25% chance of happening.

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