Minecraft Skeleton Horse Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Skeleton Horse Guide

Undead are a consistent threat in the game. Crawling across the place, all varieties of spooky mobs will crowd the biomes of Minecraft. Among them, certain ones may even turn passive in some situations. The one we’ll cover would be a skeleton horse. We’ll go over this mob below, going over the behavior, drops, and spawns of Minecraft skeleton horse.


Horses are a general mob that can be ridden by players if tamed. Saddles are required for it to be mounted, but the mob’s behavior isn’t exclusive to this effect. Of course, they are passive mobs that regularly spawn in small herds in grassy plains.

Being easy to find makes them even more present in an average game. Should you get a donkey as well, the player can breed the two to make a mule. However, just like some other mobs, it has variants.

Skeleton Horse

The undead is a special type of mob that comes with special rules. These include some special weaknesses and traits that may come into play. These are traits that a skeleton horse will inherit. This mob is a variant of a regular horse, which will require special conditions to appear.

The Minecraft skeleton horse can sometimes spawn if a regular horse gets hit by lightning. While somewhat rare, they may occur in different ways too. Of course, remember that a lightning strike from a Channeling enhancement on a trident will not spawn a skeleton horse.

The player may also run into skeleton horsemen who will attack them on sight. The mount will become passive and tamed if the player kills a skeleton without killing the skeleton horse. This is the quickest way to acquire this mob or yourself. However, be careful. The horse can be damaged by other mobs nearby, so act fast to prevent damage if it gets attacked.

Skeleton Horse Behavior

A skeleton horse in Minecraft will behave mostly the same as the horse. However, they start hostile if they show up with the skeleton horseman. After their rider is slain, it’s easy to get them amicable. If not interacted with, they will act just like the horse. Walking about the place and occasionally grazing. However, this doesn’t remove grass like sheep’s grazing does. Otherwise, they inherit some traits that are present with the undead.

Skeleton horses do not drown because of their undead trait. They can swim quite quickly while underwater. However, this doesn’t make the player capable of breathing underwater, so be careful not to get stuck in the saddle without any air. Nevertheless, this is a great way to traverse the oceans at any depth if you can find one such horse.

Skeleton Horse Drops

The drops from a skeleton horse in Minecraft include 0 to 2 bones. The drop maximum can increase to 5, with Looting at level 3. That way, we can reduce the chance that no bones will drop from a mob.

As with horses, if a skeleton horse has a saddle, it will drop on kill. Again, this is exclusive to Java Edition for skeleton horses, so be careful which edition you use.

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