Minecraft Squid Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Squid Guide

Underwater areas of Minecraft change up the game a bit. Not in the small amount due to their unique mobs. Squids are among the most recognizable as well as simplest of these. Floating about rivers and oceans throughout the entire game. They are somewhat common, so understanding their behavior can be useful, so let’s overview the Minecraft squid.


Among the oldest aquatic mobs, we have a squid. This mob is interesting, with the possibility of spawning in rivers and oceans. The Minecraft squid is big, boxy, and black in color. They have quite a few tentacles attached to them and a mouth on their underside. Despite their size and dangerous-looking maw, the mob will not be able to attack the player. They are, after all, passive mobs that won’t attack the player, no matter the situation.

Two to four squids can spawn in Java Edition every time the game finds it appropriate to allow squid to spawn. This will be at certain layers of the game. The biome has to have a river or ocean for them to spawn, as expected.

If you are playing Bedrock Edition, there will be a few differences. The groups of the same size are spawning within ocean biomes but will change if the game attempts to generate them in a river. The squid will show up in pairs of two when rivers are concerned. In addition, 5% spawn as babies instead, which affects their appearance and some stats.

Squid Behavior

Passive mobs that they are, squids in Minecraft will rarely pay much attention to the player. This goes for squids too. They never act toward the player and aren’t attracted to light. Due to these traits, the squid will go about their day no matter the situation around them. Of course, this changes if another mob or player harms the squid.

A harmed squid will emit a thick cloud of black ink if attacked. The cloud of ink will fill the area and obscure any vision. In addition, it will make both players and other mobs almost incapable of following after the squid. This ink ability helps because squids have quite a few hostile mobs pursue them. These include guardians, axolotls, and other such mobs available in the undersea area.

The squid, like many other aquatic mobs, can drown out of water. Suffocating after the squid ends up on land. They will take very little time to die but will attempt to run away and back into the water in time.

Sometimes, squids will accidentally beach themselves. This will result in them dying quickly and leaving behind their drops. Should players be close enough to the squids when they die, they will be capable of picking up the drops.

Squid Drops

An ink sac is the most common drop from squids in Minecraft. There are 1 to 3 drops from each squid. These drops also increase heavily with Looting. At the highest, the squids will drop up to 6 ink sacs. These items can be quite useful for crafting, allowing players to make some other items.

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