Minecraft Street Lamp Designs

Minecraft Street Lamp Designs 1

There are ample things we can build in Minecraft. Eventually, we’ll run out of big projects and fall into some small ones. Among these, street lamps are both nice and functional. That’s why today we’ll cover some Minecraft street lamp designs.

Stone lamppost

Stone lamppost
Created By Statsmakten

Let’s start simple. The first lamppost we’ll make is going to be extremely simple. After that, most of our crafting concerns will be focused on getting an actual lantern. Other than that, we will have no problem gathering proper materials.

All you’ll need are a few stone blocks to stack on top of each other. A lot of the available blocks can also work well for this purpose. Especially other stone blocks or those with darker colors.

On top of the constructed pillar, you can easily place a lantern. You can choose the lantern itself from any available source of light. That makes it rather diverse in appearance, allowing us to customize stuff further.

Lamppost with four lanterns

Lamppost with four lanterns
Created By fWhip

A mix of functionality and cool design, the lamp post with four lanterns provides what it says on the label. The key structure is a tall beam with multiple lanterns hanging off of it, each illuminating one direction of the lamppost.

The key structure comprises stone walls, andesite slabs, and trapdoors. The first two may be apparent, they form the post, but the trapdoors come off as odd. However, their use is quite simple. They will be used as platforms to hang the lanterns.

Lanterns themselves can then be placed on trapdoors. One trapdoor for each lantern, to a total of four. Once complete, the lamppost will shine widely. Additionally, it will help with any late-night work you may be doing.

Lamppost with hanging lanterns

Lamppost with hanging lanterns
Created By Corbo

Another design to go for includes hanging lanterns. These loose lights can add to the feel of your area. Depending on its surrounding, this lamppost alternates between an eerie vibe and a plain gothic one. In addition, it won’t require too many materials, making it perfect for survival mode.

Building the actual post is also quick. A few different components made out of blackstone can truly enhance that gothic vibe the basic construction offers. At the top, you’ll put a slab that serves as a basis for the lamp part of the lamppost. Set down a slab, any will do, and then attach two trapdoors on either side of it.

To get the lanterns hanging nicely, put chains on the trapdoors. Then, at the end of said chains, hang lanterns. And that’s it! Mission complete with a spooky-looking setup.

Lamppost with anvil, hoppers, and lanterns

Lamppost with anvil, hoppers, and lanterns
Created By Jeracraft

The last one is the most convoluted lamppost on the list. It will take some extra materials and construction. However, it’ll be worth the effort. This large lamppost will light up quite a bit while standing nice and tall. You can replace some of the required materials with similarly interesting ones, but the basic ones work too.

First, you’ll stack three cobblestone walls on top of a single block of cobblestone. This will form the basis of your lamppost. Then, follow it up with a simple addition of an anvil on the top of the cobblestone stack.

As with previous examples, we will place down a few trapdoors. Three of them need to be laid out in a line on top of the anvil. The anvil will act as a focal point of the whole design, leading into the last part of this build.

Place the hoppers below the trapdoors. They will provide you with light hooks you can attach the lanterns to. Simply place them onto the hopper, and the lamppost will be done.

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