Minecraft Strider Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Stridera Guide

Nether is a place filled with an incredible variety of mobs. The overall fun of the place stems from this variety. They are usually rather hostile, but there are some a player can use for their benefit. This includes striders, odd passive mobs that roam around the Nether. Of course, there’s a lot to cover about them so let’s get into it with Minecraft strider.


Among the other passive mobs, Minecraft striders ought to confuse the player the first time they see them. These peculiar mobs walk on two legs and have only a single block for a body. Nonetheless, they may prove useful to the player. In the Nether, we’ll encounter plentiful hazards and mobs, which we’d rather avoid than suffer the effects of. Strider can help the player do so.

The way we can achieve these benefits is by mounting the strider. Yes, this mob can be saddled, and in fact, you should saddle one as soon as possible. Striders can go over lava, making them some of the better forms of transport in these areas. Additionally, the fact that they spawn near lava-covered areas will make them more reliable to appear when needed.

These mobs spawn in the Nether biome, with each spawn being dictated by the presence of a lava block that has an extra air block above. If they do spawn, it will be in groups of 2 to 4. These groups of striders also have a 10% chance to spawn with a baby strider riding one of the adults. This chance is rolled individually for each adult that spawns. 

At least in Java Edition, striders are the only passive mobs in the Nether. This makes them much likelier to spawn due to lacking any contest in that department. In Bedrock Edition, they share that spawn pool with hoglins.


As mentioned before, striders can walk over lava in Minecraft. This ability includes complete prevention of damage from the lava as well as the ability to not sink into it. Just this one ability is incredibly impactful for the striders.

The ability to run on lava does come with some odd drawbacks. Striders will be damaged by water, rain, and any other source of water. If hit by any of them, striders take 1 damage per half second of being exposed to water.

This weakness extends to being in the water, where they will take constant damage and sink deeper in. While this is rarely a problem in the Nether, it will become a palpable issue if we ever take them into the Overworld. Where they can exist with no issues other than rain.

Striders are also faster in lava than on land, making for a weird interaction overall. However, both speeds will get affected by any status that increases or decreases them. Keep this in mind for situations where such effects could come into play.


Striders drop string in Minecraft, an item that could come in handy should they be tamed or saddled. We can tie it onto a stick to provide a strider with their desired type of food which causes it to go forward without issue. Strings drop in stacks of 2 to 5, but this cap can be increased up to 8 by maxing out the Looting enhancement.

If a strider still has a saddle when killed, it will drop it. This makes it possible for the player to repurpose the saddle on another mount entirely if necessary.

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