Minecraft Warden Guide, Attacks and Drops

Minecraft Warden Guide

While there’s a ton of dangers in Minecraft, certain mobs stand apart as particularly awful to deal with. These will usually deal a lot of damage or require the player to play very safe to avoid potentially being killed. Wardens fit neatly into this group due to their overall powerful stats. With our incoming overview, we’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of a Minecraft Warden. 


Wardens are big, tough, and dangerous deep dark biome mobs. With the incredible amount of damage they can dish out, we will do well to avoid Wardens if possible. This can be done by preventing them from spawning in the first place or sneaking around the few present mobs. Wardens are thankfully rare and, before being agitated, slow. Providing players ample space to avoid most dangers.


In Minecraft, Sculk blocks are unique blocks only present in the deep dark biome. These blocks vary in effects, but the two most important ones are going to be Sculk Sensor and Sculk Shrieker. As vibrations and sound trigger Warden, this combination is the most sensible way for them to become more of a threat.

Sculk Sensors are capable of sending a signal each time something goes past them. These signals will most often be sent to the Sculk Shrieker. The Sculk Shrieker itself works as a sound alarm. Emitting its sound when it detects something in its vicinity or gets a signal from the Sculk Sensor.

Should Sculk Shrieker be triggered four times, a Warden will spawn. Therefore, avoiding these blocks is the best way to avoid facing the Warden. Keep that in mind when going through the deep dark.

Warden Behavior

Warden has an overall passive behavior due to being completely blind. In its idle state, it will move towards vibrations no matter its source. Occasionally, the Warden will sniff around to try and find its targets. It becomes more agitated the more it detects.

Wardens are completely immune to damage caused by fire and lava. It doesn’t suffer knockback, either. With that comes an ability to pathfind through blocks that are otherwise avoided, sometimes taking extra damage from environmental dangers.

As the Warden stumbles about it will inflict Darkness on any player in a certain radius. Again, making a recognizable sound before the effect occurs.

Warden Attacks

There are a few attacks a Warden has in Minecraft. Their melee attack has 0.9 seconds of cooldown. It will also disable shields while dealing 30 damage on normal difficulty.

A Warden will use a ranged attack when the target is further away. It is a sonic boom attack that travels through blocks or other mobs without dealing damage. After the release of the attack, the Warden will cool down for 1.3 seconds before using another sonic boom.

Otherwise, it will take 3 seconds to use the melee attack. The attack goes past shields, armor, and other effects besides Resistance. On a hit, this ranged attack will deal 10 damage when on normal difficulty.

Warden Drops

A sculk catalyst will drop from Wardens when they are killed. This block is unique as it generates extra sculk blocks when something dies near it. Aside from sensor and shrieker, regular Sculk Blocks can also spawn. We can stack up quite a few sculk blocks with all those blocks.

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