Overwatch 2 Tier List: Best Characters

Overwatch 2 Tier List Best Heroes

We have spent a great deal of time determining who is now appeasing the battlefield, so we can offer our evaluation of the greatest Heroes in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Tier List

Junker QueenATank
Soldier 76ADPS
Wrecking BallCTank

We want to emphasize that, like with all of our tier lists, we think that such player is always greater important than the hero they choose to engage along. Everything is still in motion and being worked out for Overwatch 2, which implies that it has only just begun its initial steps. 

As the player population adjusts to 5v5, new maps, and the addition of three new heroes, be prepared for the meta to be rather unsteady during the first season. But, no need to switch if you already have an off-meta main that works for you! Keep it rolling.

We want you to know that this list is mostly designed to assist players who have encountered a plateau or to help you decide whether one of your characters is effective in the new meta

If you want to see a detailed explanation about each class and character you can check out out Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List, Overwatch 2 Support Tier List, and Overwatch 2 Best DPS Tier List.

How does Overwatch 2 Tier List work?

So, if ever you are wondering how the tier list works. We’ll explain it to you. 

S Tier: In the current Overwatch meta, these characters are the most powerful. These Overwatch characters have high win rates, so you may quickly become an “on-fire” hero, take control of the match, and ensure success for your team by yourself.

A Tier: Outstanding Overwatch characters who excel in their roles and improve any team’s lineups.

B – Tier: Acceptable heroes with a place within the current meta, although a few of them make it more difficult to win matches. Even so, if you are strong at one of these, you may still control and have a high victory rate; however, before choosing one of them, consider the balance of your squad.

C – Tier: If the team calls for it, use these heroes in appropriate situations. However, many superior Overwatch characters are available to pick from and use, so you should pass on these.

D – Tier: It’s not a wise option to play with these characters in the current Overwatch meta; yes, you might get some excellent games now and then, but most of the time characters are a burden on the team.

How were these lists created based on the new game meta of Overwatch 2?

When creating this tier list of different kinds of video games requires a lot of research, so it is similar to playing Overwatch 2. Every time there is a new Overwatch update, we start by reading the patch notes, and if any heroes were nerfed or boosted, we modify our standings.

The most popular heroes with a high victory percentage in the Grandmaster level standard method are therefore analyzed.

But creating these lists is not a tiered ranking based on the players the pros are currently using or playing Overwatch because for some reason they have a different strategy to utilize each hero in competitive games. Therefore, Grandmaster and Master Categories or ranks, are the second-best option to choose from. 

Now, we know what our would-be reference or guide is – from who is the best hero to pick up to the least favorite hero to play with. For sure, there will be more changes when the time comes there will be a new meta again for Overwatch 2. 

New Character in Overwatch 2?

These tier lists, would not last long for there are rumors that there would be a new character or hero in Overwatch 2 that is set to launch with the Season 2 battle pass sometime in December. The Blizzard team has said that he is somebody we have encountered before, even though his name has not yet been made public.

We know that this new character would play Tank, a male, and it is related to the map they’re launching, thanks to a few members of the press who already knew their names. However, it will only truly represent much to those who keep up with the Overwatch storyline.

So, in conclusion, what are your thoughts on our Overwatch tier lists? Do you agree or do you have any other reference regarding who is the best and who is the least favorite? 

For sure, there will be great changes when the time comes there would be a new meta. Stay updated! 

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