Redeem Codes You Need To Know Redeem Codes You Need To Know is known for its simple to play and fun nature. The game is a revamped version of the vintage Snake Game on the old Nokia phones. The same rules apply here too, your snake slithers around, eating dots, and getting bigger. 

Suppose your snake collides with another; it’s back to square one. But do you know the best part yet? In, you can dress up your slithery warrior in so many costumes! 

This is where the codes come in, which you can redeem for exciting prizes. In this article, we will tell you about the codes you absolutely need to know.

Why Are Codes Important? 

Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up and playing around with their snake buddies from the virtual world? To do that, you need the codes. 

It’s very simple; you get a code and redeem it for an attractive outfit or accessory. More often than not, each code gives you multiple rewards. To redeem a code, all you need to do is enter the code’s numbers in the ‘Enter Code’ section- as simple as it can get. 

The Codes You Need to Know 

In the list that follows, we have compiled the best codes for you. Redeem these codes for some great outfits and accessories: 

RewardRedeem Code
1.A cool pair of cat eye glasses and a red cape0577-9466-2919
2.Bright Unicorn hair, short blonde hair, a pair of red and blue 3D glasses


3.An intelligent-looking detective hat, a pair of bear ears, and a pair of cute bunny ears

4.Amazing green and purple wings, a crown, and a construction worker hat

5.A dashing red wig, green tie, and a spiked headband

6.A cool pair of joke glasses, a mustache, a monocle, and a pair of adorable heart glasses

7.A baseball cap and a pair of headphones


8.Beautiful angel wings, bear ears, and a graduation cap


Final Thoughts 

While the game is simple to play, your snake pal from the virtual world gets a harder draw. It’s a battlefield out there, and your snake can perish. 

Your slithery warrior deserves to be rewarded. Redeem the codes and let everyone know that your snake pal is the next fashion icon! 

Just remember to redeem the codes soon, as they tend to expire. 

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