Aethelflaed Talent Tree Guide

Aethelflaed Talent Tree Guide

Do you want a legendary commander for free? Presenting Aethelflaed! 

Aethelflaed is an intriguing commander that brings support, peacebuilding, and leadership talent trees. That is what distinguishes her from the other commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. She is a formidable barbarian hunter and slayer with crazy active abilities.

She assumes command in Rise of Kingdoms, competing against other well-known commanders from history. She is well-known for successfully protecting her realm from Viking raids.

Learn how to effectively use and develop Aethelflaed’s skills with this Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build guide.

Why Is Aethelflaed Considered the Best?

All you players can now rejoice! Why? That’s because, with all its benefits, Aethelflaed is a legendary free-to-play commander. 

That’s not all. Here are some reasons why this Commander is the best.

  • You can have the best legendary Commander for free.
  • She has a strong, active skill that strikes many targets.
  • There is the increased experience gain which makes leveling up simple.
  • Aethelflaed is ideal for barbarian farming.
  • She is very adaptable and able to deal with any forces.

A Quick Review of Aethelflaed’s Capabilities

Some consider her to be more of a niche commander. She performs admirably against Barbarians and Forts, as well as on the wide field with powerful skill. 

You’re probably wondering what skill of Aethelflaed is best to use? Here are some pointers to get you started. 

  • Thunderous Force: Your troops’ counterattack damage is decreased by 20 percent. When actively assaulting, you have a percent chance of reducing the movement speed of enemy cavalry by 50 percent and other soldiers’ movement speed by 30 percent. The slow effect lasts three seconds.
  • The Synergy: All soldiers under your control get an attacking bonus of 35 percent against Barbarians and other opposing units, and all Commanders receive an EXP bonus of 35 percent. 
  • Arrow of Iron: Causes up to 5 opponents with a fan-shaped forward area to take impact (Damage Factor 800), lowering their attack, defense, and stamina by 30 percent for the next 2 seconds.
  • Warrior Queen: This is an expertise Skill. It is a Deal with an additional 20 percent harm to delayed opponents.
  • Fortress of Mercia: When this Commander conducts a rally attack, all forces participating in the rally enjoy a 10 percent troop limit increase. This Commander’s damage is enhanced by 20 percent when he leads at least three distinct unit kinds.

When you summon Aethelflaed, you gain access to a new skill. It allows you to fine-tune the sequence in which you wish to improve your talents, as not all skills are equally beneficial to her. 

In actuality, you’ll level her up just as much as you’ll max her out. So the skill sequence is more of a fine-tuning. Once you’ve mastered that, you’re good to go. 

How to Build Aethelflaed’s Talent Tree?

The great monarch who was instrumental in the conquering of the Danelaw! I bet you’re all set to get this warrior queen into your game, but hold up. 

Here’s some light on building Aethelflaed’s Talent Tree. 

  • To substantially enhance Aethelflaed’s fury restoration. 
  • You can also use Rejuvenate and Burning Blood.
  • Take Hasty Departure along the road while you’re doing this.
  • Grab emergency protection, loose formation, and Elixir to increase her troop’s capacity to sustain an attack.
  • You may now use Cage of Thorns to apply a speed decrease effect to her current skill.
  • It augments her expertise talent, which enhances her damage to a victim under the impact of speed decrease.
  • You may invest a talent mark on it even if you haven’t maxed up her talents. 

You’ve almost finished all of the skills recommended in the Support Talent Tree for this Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build Guide. 

What Next?  You can now move on to the next level of the Leadership Talent Tree. To begin, get Healing Herbs and Strategic Prowess to improve her troop’s damage sustain capabilities.

Now it’s armed to the Teeth to boost her troop’s attack and Hidden Fury to restore anger.

What are the Best Aethelflaed Talent Trees? 

At least three popular talent builds, but your tastes and gaming style will determine which one you choose.

  1. The Peacekeeping Talent Build
Peacekeeping Talent Build

This ability builds Aethelflaed’s already powerful passive skill against barbarians and neutral units.

Increasing the level of destruction, she goes against barbarians and the level of knowledge she gets during each successful combat. Then, for improved protection, work on achieving Armored to the Teeth.

Make New Recruits Along the Journey to Boost Maximum Troupe Capacity. With this talent build, she also receives increased defensive skills due to damage reduction.

  1. The Field Talent Build
Field Talent Build

This skill build focuses on disrupting your opponent’s mobility. 

It is while making them stationary while you end them off with devastating attacks. Aethelflaed’s field talent building is the greatest mitigation. When you’re commanding Aethelflaed, the field talent build comes in handy.

This build also helps assist your teammates during conflicts on the map. 

In contrast to the previous talent build, this build focuses more on the support side, allowing you to manage your foes using mobility restriction effects effectively.

  1. The PvP Talent Build
The PvP Talent Build

It is a great build that helps the Fortress of Merica passive skill. 

It works by including the defensive and attack bonuses she receives by having more than three types of troops in her army. A modest percentage of her talent points are devoted to fury builder generation to assist her active skill to sustain high uptime.

With this talent build, she also receives increased defensive skills due to damage reduction.

Summing Up

In Rise of Kingdoms, Aethelflaed is on a distinct level from other legendary commanders. 

Compared to the other legendary leaders in the game, her active talent deals the lowest amount of Hit Factor. She is also neither an infantry, cavalry, or archer commander because none of her skills specialize in those areas.

Aethelflaed, in addition to being an excellent debuffer, is also useful for hunting barbarians and neutral units. This Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build Guide aims to enhance her abilities as a debuffer and damager. 

We highly recommend you to acquire Cage of Thorns. In this manner, you can optimize the usage of Aethelflaed’s expert skills.

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