Alliance And Individual Credits Guide In Rise Of Kingdoms

Alliance And Individual Credits Guide In Rise Of Kingdoms

Have you come across the term Alliance and Individual Credits while playing Rise of Kingdoms? Well, Governors, building a team and an Alliance is a huge part of acing the game!

This article will help you understand the two types of credits, why and how they are different. It will also walk you through how you can use these credits to enhance your civilizations and strengthen your Alliance. 

Alliance vs Individual Credits

If you have just started playing Rise of Kingdoms, Alliance Credits and Individual Credits are different currencies you can get when you are in an Alliance. Joining top Alliances would help you earn credit faster.

Alliance Credits

Alliance Credits

These are credit points you and other members in your Alliance earn for the Alliance and as rewards for helping out the Alliance.

These credits are stored and used by the Alliance leaders and officers to build flags, fortresses and conduct advanced technological research. 

Initially, earning credits is a bit difficult as your Alliance is not well established in the game. For instance, creating the Centre Fortress requires 900,000 Alliance credits. As you start planning and working together, earning credits will become easier. 

Individual Credits (1)

Individual Credits

Unlike Alliance credits, Individual Credits are points that you earn for yourself, which you can spend on different resources and items. 

You can boost your Individual Credits using Individual Credits. They are used as currencies to buy tokens, teleporters, etc., from Alliance shops. But these are usually very expensive to purchase.

The best thing to invest in with Individual Credits is Passport Pages which let you use the Free-to-Play player mode to migrate to different Kingdoms.

You can also purchase other things like speedups to accelerate getting tier 5 or buy teleporters to move away from enemies or conduct city bombing.

Getting More Alliance Credits

The quickest way of earning more Alliance cards is to be a part of an active Alliance with many whales. These Alliances can get stronger at a faster rate and will be more helpful for you. You can get more Alliance cards in different ways while playing Rise of Kingdoms. 

  • Building And Constructing: You can earn more Alliance Credits by building new fortresses and resource points. 
  • Technology Donations: You can earn credits by donating your resources to conduct research. Higher the amount you donate, the higher the credits you can earn.  
  • Participating in Events: By participating in events like Ark of Orisis, you can win Alliance credits. 
  • Daily Credits: Helping other members within your Alliance or spending time constructing, researching, or healing troops will help you earn credits.
  • Chests and Gifts: You can also earn credits by opening chests.
  • Help Within the Alliance: As it’s a team game when you help each other in the Alliance, the Alliance wins more credits. 

Spending Alliance Credits

You can spend the first Alliance Credits you earn on building flags, fortresses, and research activities. It will help build your Alliance. You can also spend your Alliance Credits on other things. 

  • Restocking Items: The Alliance leaders and officers can use Alliance Credits to buy more items for the Alliance shop. You can use Individual Credits to purchase from these shops. 
  • Repairing Buildings: You can also use these Credits when your buildings are attacked during wars or are burnt away. Using these Alliance Cards, you can put out fires and save your buildings. 
  • Research Resources: Finally, Alliance Credits can be used to conduct research work for your Alliance. 

Getting Individual Credits

Individual Credits, unlike Alliance Credits, are used for personal purposes. That is why it is important you spend them carefully. Getting Individual Credits is the same as getting Alliance Credits. 

  • Helping members within the Alliance.
  • Donating your resources for Alliance’s technology-related research. 
  • Building fortresses, flags, and resource points.
  • Opening Alliance Chests from whales.
  • Participating in events like Ark of Osiris.

Spending Individual Credits

Since you use Individual Credits for personal use, prioritize items you need and purchase them in that order. These items are often more expensive. Things you can buy using Individual Credits include the following:

Wrapping Up

Governors, now that you know all about Alliance and Individual Credits in Rise of Kingdoms, you can now play and ace the game. 

These currencies and credits will accelerate your game and help you win easily in no time. Happy gaming!

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