Sun Tzu Talent Tree

Sun Tzu Talent Tree

Hailing from China, Sun Tzu is an epic commander in the rise of kingdoms. He specializes in infantry due to a passive skill that reduces the damage taken and increases attack value.

Now’s the time that we summon the commander. He comes with Garrison, infantry, and skill abilities. He is the most competent epic commander who is respected by everyone for his abilities.

Why Is Sun Tzu the Best?

Sun Tzu is considered one of the best nuking commanders in the rise of the kingdom. His fast regeneration and great nuking skills are very well known.

He is the most used Epic commander that could turn into a real monster if you use the right talent tree setup. He has the power to reduce enemy defense by 17% when he is used as the Garrison commander.

His active skills can significantly damage five targets when his skills are maxed out. He is capable of damaging multiple enemies while also spamming his acting skills faster than any other commander.

Sun Tzu’s Skills

  • Art of War: Active Skill ( Rage requirement – 1000)

This active skill is capable of direct damage up to three targets covering a fan-shaped zone. Sun Tzu gets an additional 40 range for each successful target shot by the skill.

  • Philosophy of War – Passive Skill

This one is a passive skill that reduces damage taken by the Garrison by 7% when Sun Tzu is serving as the Garrison commander. This skill is useful when you plan on playing on the defensive side.

  • Master Strategist: Passive Skill

When you use Sun Tzu, this passive skill raises the troop damage reduction by 10% while increasing health of infantry unit by 10% at the same time.

  • Ever-changing Tactics: Passive Skill

It is another one of his passive skills that increases active skill damage by 20%. When the skill is maxed out, Sun Tzu activates Art of War, and they deal 720 damage to each enemy. Hence, it all adds up to 2160 damage any time he uses it.

What are some of the best talent trees for Sun Tzu?

Whether you are just starting or looking for an unenhanced talent build, we have rounded off our four most recommended talent trees for Sun Tzu.

  • Garrison Talent Build
Garrison Talent Build

This one is considered the best talent for Garrison. It boosts the speed of rage generation.

When serving as the primary Garrison commander, his leadership gains massive attack, defense, and health bonuses.

The rage generation gives Sun Tzu the support to fight multiple targets and helps in dealing with heavy damage.

  • Offense Field Talent Build
Offense Field Talent Build

This field talent focuses on dealing hire damage to the enemy target.

By accelerating the troops’ damage, this talent build makes sure that Sun Tzu nullifies his enemy with extreme ease.

In this talent build, the speed of regeneration is improved, helping in dealing with multiple targets simultaneously.

  • Speed Field Talent Build
Speed Field Talent Build (1)

This one is quite similar to the offense field version, except it focuses on improving the speed of the march and reducing the enemy’s speed.

In this talent build, the speed of regeneration is enhanced. It helps him to damage  multiple targets using the active skill.

  • PvP Talent Build
PvP Talent Build

Sun Tzu’s active skills allow him to be competent for PvP battles. This type of talent build gives its best performance when you put the infantry army with Sun Tzu as leader.

It allows the infantry to gain massive bonuses to their health, defense, and attack with this talent build. The speed of the range also improves; it allows him to cast multiple fireballs in a few seconds.

Summing Up

Sun Tzu is not the best commander for infantry troops compared to other options of infantry commanders you have. However, you can still make the best use of his Master Strategist skill. That will reduce troop damage and increase health of infantry units.

The best talent for Sun Tzu is certainly Garrison talent build. 

Defending is one of the finest aspects of Sun Tzu. And this build accelerates the speed of regeneration, letting Sun Tzu use his active skills more frequently. It also enhances the troop’s health, attack, and defense.

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