Tier 5 Requirements In Rise Of Kingdoms 

Tier 5 Requirements In Rise Of Kingdoms 

Are you wondering how to unlock Tier 5 troops in Rise of Kings? Unlocking Tier 5 troops in Rise of Kingdoms requires you to upgrade your City Hall to Level 25 and your Academy to Level 25. 

But this also requires you to upgrade all your buildings so that you can research Tier 5 units. It is going to cost you several resources, time, and effort. If you do not know the path to follow or the minimum requirements, it won’t be easy to unlock.

This article will give you an easy guide to help you unlock your first Tier 5 troops in Rise of Kingdoms. 

Unlocking Tier 5 Troops

Here are the steps for Unlocking Tier 5 troops most easily and cheaply. 

Firstly, max out Farm, Gold Mine, Quarry, and Lumber Mill to Level 25. Then do the same to Archery Range, Stable, and Barracks to Level 25. 

After this push, Siege Workshop, Scout Camp, Alliance Centre, and Trading Post to Level 25, follow this by maxing out Castle, Tavern, Hospital, and Walls to Level 25.

After you max out Storehouse, Watchtower, and Academy to Level 25, start your research on Tier 5 troops in Academy. To do all of this, you will need 32,000 gems and 16 Master’s Blueprints.

Getting Gems for Tier 5 Requirements 

There will be several times when you will feel it’s difficult or cumbersome to get more gems to purchase Master’s Blueprints. 

We have an easy guide to let you get more gems for reaching your Tier 5 Requirements. There are several gem deposits that you can gather by dispatching your armies. 

You can harvest up to 1000 gems daily. We have a few tips to help you reach your Tier 5 Requirements in Rise of Kingdoms: 

  • Try solving daily quests.
  • Participate in as many events as you can. 
  • Try out the Expedition Mode.
  • Being in the top 100 ranks will help you earn many gems. 
  • Be a part of Lost Kingdom Events.
  • Gather the Gems on the map using the Jewellery Technology.

Quick Tips 

When you upgrade your buildings to level 25 to unlock Tier 5 Requirements, here are a few tips you can keep in mind. 

  • You will have to upgrade all of the buildings mentioned in Level 25s infographics. 
  • However, Scout Camp, Castle, and Watchtower do not require a Master’s Blueprint.
  • You need to upgrade a single Resource Production building and one Hospital to Level 25. 
  • You must upgrade both Castle and Watchtowers to Level 25.
  • The moment your City Hall reaches Level 25, you will be rewarded with a Master’s Blueprint.
  • Spend gems during the More Than Games event to get maximum rewards and Master’s Blueprints. 
  • You will need military researched to Tier 5 nodes and a fully researched economic tree to research Tier 5 troops.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to get your Tier 5 troops activated, unlock them and rise governors! 

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