Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

We all love anime, and what is better than an anime-inspired game? Anime Fighting Simulator is an anime-inspired fighting game launched by Roblox. 

Roblox is a name that people know of for all the freebies they give to their users. However, you cannot redeem these freebies without the Anime Fighting Simulator codes.

In this article, we have enlisted the most recent codes and instructions about redeeming them. Let’s dive right in!

Why Are Codes Essential?

Anime Fighting codes Simulator codes help you earn Yen and Chikara shards. Later in the game, you can use these codes to shop for various items like cosmetics, upgrades, and numerous other things that will help you win the games. 

These codes are free gifts given by BlockZone when Anime Fighting Simulator attains a particular number of likes or a social media target. As mentioned earlier, gifts can be either Chikara Shards or Yen.

Latest Anime Fighting Simulator Codes You Need to Know

Now that you know how essential these codes are and what all you do with them, here’s the list of all the latest active codes. Redeem them and enjoy!


75,000 chikara shards


30,000 chikara shards

anotherbugfixchikara shards
bigboi100kchikara shards
defild700kchikara shards
Defildpromochikara shards
defildstreamchikara shards
elemperador100kchikara shards

Emperadorstar5,000 chikara shards

emperadorsubschikara shards


1,500 chikara shards

frango2yen – yen

Frangonewcode1,000 chikara shards

GGgames40kchikara shards

kelvin600kchikara shards

L3NIchikara shards

medtw50kchikara shards


chikara shards

n1colas2subchikara shards

NNGchikara shards

secretrazorfishcodechikara shards


1,500 chikara shards

sub2hakimbochikara shards


Sub2tanqrchikara shards

subfrangochikara shards

subtodefildplayschikara shards

subtokelvingtsyen 29


chikara shards

Tigre200kchikara shards


chikara shards

How to Redeem the Codes

Follow the instructions listed below to redeem your Anime Fighting Simulator codes:

  • Launch Anime Fighting Simulator on your device
  • In the bottom left, tap on the bird-like Twitter logo
  • In the box, enter the Anime Fighting Simulator code that you want to redeem
  • If the code is valid, the game will redeem it. If not, try some other code. 
  • Enjoy your freebies!

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