Survive the Killer Value Tier List 2022

Survive the Killer Value Tier List

The Survive the Killer Value List will help you determine the value of your knives and killers. There are a lot of knives and killers that you will find in Survive the Killer, but not all of them are that great and valuable. In most cases, the most expensive knives and killers are the best ones.

So it is important to know what the value of the knives and killers is, so you do not waste your resources on bad knives and killers. There is a lot of in-game trading where players are trading their knives and killers, so before you even start trending, it is best to use the Survive the Killer Value List so you can know how much each knife and killer is worth. This list is created by experienced players who trade knives and killers every day.

This tier list is created by Jesse and Static. You can go on the original spreadsheet created by Jesse and Static by clicking on this link.

Survive the Killer Knives Value List

NameRarity (X/300)DemandTrendValue
1000 Degree Knife7TerribleStable2740
200M Slycer5TerribleStable1600
2022 New Year5LowStable290
2nd Birthday Blade8LowUnassigned1600
300K Slycer5TerribleStable1600
700M Slycer7TerribleStable1600
800M Slycer8TerribleStable1600
900M Slycer8NormalStable1600
Abominable Boardsword20NormalStable25000
Amber Sparkle Time1TerribleStable20
Amethyst Carver1TerribleStable20
Annie Dolly Dagger1TerribleStable20
Athame of Blood1TerribleStable20
Athame of the Lich1TerribleStable20
Awesome Blossom8TerribleStable1640
Axe of the Fairy35LowStable25000
Axe of the Reaper25AmazingUnstable850000
Berry Aura4TerribleStable200
Blade of the Hallowed30NormalStable25000
Blade Of The Wicked14TerribleStable10000
Blood Moon10TerribleStable2440
Blood Ruby70HighStable465000
Breath of Winter12NormalStable3125
Brisk Rainbow5LowStable350
Burlap Chainsaw5TerribleStable1600
Burst O' Luck5LowStable350
Cable Rogue6TerribleStable450
Candy Cane14LowStable12500
Candy Cane20LowStable1600
Charms O' Plenty 202025LowStable9500
Charms O' Plenty 202113LowStable1600
Cheesy Chopper5TerribleStable1600
Chucky Knife5TerribleStable1600
Clover Carver 202020LowStable1600
Clover Carver 202112LowStable1600
Clover Field5LowStable350
Clover Root1LowStable50
Clucky's Corruptor60NormalStable160000
Clucky's Lucky Slasher20LowStable10000
Cold Wings of Cupid45NormalLowering100000
Collector's 500M Slycer50HighStable75000
Collector's 700M Slycer50LowStable37500
Collector's 800M Slycer50LowStable25000
Collector's 900M Slycer50LowStable20000
Cookie Cutter1LowStable1600
Corrupted Rune1TerribleStable20
Cosmic Jab10TerribleStable2440
Crimson Crusader130AmazingStable4000000
Cupid's Arrow4LowStable3000
Cupid's Heartstopper30NormalStable85000
Cyan Slycer1TerribleStable20
Cyber Slasher11TerribleStable3460
Data Rain21LowStable12500
David's Dagger4TerribleStable200
Dead Fred Redemption1TerribleStable20
Deadly Dark Scythe15HighUnstable240000
Deadly Dazzler3TerribleStable100
Delta Dawn5TerribleStable340
Devious Dagger5TerribleStable1600
Dr. Devious' Roses5TerribleStable260
Dragonstone Sparkle Time1TerribleStable20
Dust Light2TerribleStable50
Earthen Domascus1TerribleStable20
Emerald Carver1TerribleStable20
Emerald Dream1TerribleStable20
Enchanted Forest7NormalStable650
Fae's Golden Lament20NormalStable30000
Fae's Lament70NormalUnstable700000
Fang of the Black Widow20NormalStable37500
Fey's Slycer100AmazingStable7000000
Firework Frenzy7NormalStable650
Floating Points4TerribleStable250
Flower Power4TerribleStable250
Flowery Façade5LowStable1600
Freddy Favourite1TerribleStable20
Friendly Spirits10TerribleStable1250
Frost Armor5LowStable350
Frosty Lake5LowStable350
Gilded Hearts 2020170NormalStable1600000
Gilded Hearts 202115NormalStable60000
Gilded Valentine 202055NormalStable25000
Gilded Valentine 202115TerribleStable1600
Gingerbread Jabber5LowStable350
Gliding Ocean8TerribleStable1640
Graffiti Knife3TerribleStable100
Grave Robber12LowStable3690
Green Slycer1TerribleStable20
Greenstone Sparkle Time1TerribleStable20
Hallow's End20NormalStable37500
Hallowed Moon17TerribleStable5000
Happy Circus Knife5TerribleStable1600
Heartbreaker 202045TerribleStable10000
Heartbreaker 202112TerribleStable1600
Ice Breaker21LowStable12500
Icy Slycer1LowStable20
Jackman's Blade7NormalStable650
Knife Behind The Slaughter1TerribleStable20
Kunzite Crusader4TerribleStable250
Lucia's Golden Tune12NormalStable3125
Lucky Mural1LowStable50
Luminescent Feather7NormalStable650
Metaverse Mangler5TerribleStable1600
Misfortune's Mangler7NormalStable650
Molten Core11TerribleStable2650
Motif Aquatique8TerribleStable890
Motif Dange8TerribleStable890
Motif Dombre8TerribleStable890
Night Hawk16TerribleStable3940
Night Howler8TerribleStable1640
Noxious Reaver8NormalUnstable12500
Nuclover Bomb12NormalStable3125
O Christmas Tree7NormalStable650
O'Stabby's O'Stabber12NormalStable3125
Orion's Ornament6NormalStable9000
Over The Rainbow 202075NormalRaising600000
Over The Rainbow 202115LowStable12500
Petal Prism10TerribleStable2440
Plastic Puncture4TerribleStable250
Pot O' Gold 202030LowStable12500
Pot O' Gold 202113LowStable1600
Premium Slycer 20212TerribleStable1600
Premium Slycer 20222TerribleStable1600
Pumpkin Patch1TerribleStable20
Purple Pinstripe5TerribleStable9500
Purple Slycer1TerribleStable20
Rainbow Cloverbeat14LowStable6250
Rattlebone's Cutclass5TerribleStable260
Red Slycer1TerribleStable20
Redstone Sparkle Time1TerribleStable20
Rings Of Fire5TerribleStable340
Rock Candy16HighStable25000
Roses of Retribution6NormalStable9000
Ruby Carver1TerribleStable20
Rusty Dagger40HighStable25000
Saint Galactica7TerribleStable580
Santa Hat Slycer5LowStable290
Sapphire Sparkle Time1TerribleStable20
Sawblade's Jigsaw5TerribleStable1600
Scimitar of the Evil Clown7TerribleStable580
Scimitar of the Happy Clown7TerribleStable580
Scimitar of the Screamer7TerribleStable580
Shadow Kraken9TerribleStable2250
Shamrock Scimitar20NormalStable37500
Sharpened Torch7TerribleStable580
Shimmerheart Shank1LowStable50
Silent Knife13TerribleStable3940
Siren Head Slycer2TerribleStable50
Skadi's Glacier Spike20NormalStable25000
Sleigh Ride5LowStable350
Slyce of Pride8NormalStable1600
Smiley Slycer4TerribleStable250
Snowy Slycer1LowStable20
Special Snowflake27NormalStable50000
Splatter Slasher6TerribleStable450
Sunlit Glass5TerribleStable1600
Super Charged Metaverse Mangler25LowStable12500
Sus Holly Gift1LowStable20
Sus Red Gift1LowStable20
Sus Striped Gift1LowStable20
Sweet Revenge4LowStable3000
Ten Million Celebration37TerribleStable10000
Test Knife5TerribleStable9500
The Jade Forest2TerribleStable50
The Jumping Bug8NormalStable1600
The Mummy1TerribleStable20
The Reverse Medkit3TerribleStable100
The Scoop1TerribleStable20
The Violet Cluster7TerribleStable580
The Viper Cluster7TerribleStable580
The Void6TerribleStable450
Tiger Knife1TerribleStable20
Titanium Trident2TerribleStable50
Toxic Lantern12LowStable3690
Toxic Sorrow3TerribleStable180
Valendy Paws4LowStable3000
Valentine Rose14NormalStable8000
Valentine Vendetta6NormalStable9000
Vampire Vanquisher20NormalStable37500
Violet Pulse1LowStable50
Viper Fang2TerribleStable50
Wings of Corrupt Cupid5TerribleStable260
Wings of Cupid 2020140HighStable10000000
Wings of Cupid 202125NormalStable75000
Wings of Cupid 202214LowStable17000
Wraith of the North7NormalStable650
Zebra Knife1TerribleStable20

Survive the Killer Killers Value List

Killers Rarity (X/300)DemandTrendValue
Alfred The Assassin5TerribleStable290
Burlap Brute3TerribleStable100
Clucky the Leprechaun20LowStable12500
Clucky the Leprechaun30LowStable28000
Clucky the Leprechaun35LowStable31000
Cold Corrupt Clucky20HighStable50000
Constable Plum1TerribleStable20
Corrupt Alfred50AmazingRaising1100000
Corrupt Beatrice30NormalStable25000
Corrupt Clucky60NormalStable140000
Corrupt Cupid25NormalStable25000
Corrupt Cupid40NormalStable70000
Corrupt Cupid30NormalStable50000
Corrupt Maya Rose55AmazingRaising1700000
Corrupt Santa20NormalStable12500
Darius Howley1TerribleStable20
Dead Fred1TerribleStable20
Deadly Dark Reaper27NormalStable70000
Dr. Devious1TerribleStable20
Dr. Maya Rose1TerribleStable20
Franz the Nutcracker20NormalStable12500
Happy The Clown2TerribleStable50
Headless Harry14TerribleStable2960
Lucia the Lucky20NormalStable12500
Papa Roni15NormalStable25000
Professor Ratthew Cheeseworth15LowStable12500
Riley O'Stabby20NormalStable12500
Siren Head2TerribleStable50
The Grim Reaper20NormalStable40000

About Survive the Killer Value List

Survive the Killer Value List is created by experienced players Jesse and Static who are trading knives and killers every day. With each update in Jailbreak, the power and meta of knives and killers will be changed, which means that the value of knives and killers will also be changed.

Make sure that you are communicating with other players about the value, and before you decide to sell some rare knives and killers, make sure that you check the Jailbreak Discord server where you will get the most accurate rating. Be careful when you are trading because a lot of players want to take your knives and killers for a low price.

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