How to do homework in The Sims 4 Guide

How to do homework in The Sims 4 Guide

Homework in The Sims 4 holds significant weight, acting as a pivotal component in a Sim’s journey. It not only shapes their academic growth but also molds their future opportunities. For school-aged Sims, namely children and teenagers, homework becomes an everyday assignment that plays into their daily routines.

When a Sim transitions into either the child or teenager phase, they’re bestowed with homework books. The younger children receive orange ones, while the teens are given blue books.

To embark on their homework journey, Sims needs to access their inventory, find the homework book, and select the “do homework” command. But fret not if you misplace a Sim’s homework! There’s always the option to buy another set for a mere Simoleon from any available bookcase.

Managing Sims 4 Homework for School-aged Sims

Every weekday, from Monday to Friday, these school-goers are assigned homework in Sims 4. It becomes part and parcel of their academic life. Now, to ensure that they do their assignments promptly and effectively, there are strategies that players can employ:

  1. Adult Sim Assistance: A little help can go a long way. An adult Sim, when prompted, can aid a child or teen in their homework endeavors, cutting down the time it takes to complete it.
  2. Breeze through Homework: As a child Sim hone their skills and achieve level three in all four child skills, they unlock a special “Breeze through Homework” capability, allowing them to finish their tasks in record time.
  3. Dominate Homework: For the prodigious child Sim who scales their skills to level seven, the “Dominate Homework” feature becomes available, serving as a turbo boost to their homework completion rate. It’s noteworthy, however, that this feature is strictly for the children, leaving the teens to find their pace.

Advanced Homework Strategies for Teens in Sims 4

Teenage Sims have their own academic battles in The Sims 4. They attend high school daily, and with it comes the responsibility of daily homework. Players have the unique opportunity to accompany their teen Sims to school, oversee their academic endeavors, and influence their choices. To kick-start the homework ritual:

  1. Dive into the Sim’s personal inventory and scout for the blue book adorned with white writing.
  2. Hover over the said item and pick the “Do Homework” directive.
  3. During this, the Sim settles down at a table, immersing themselves in their assignment.
  4. For a little push, players can usher an adult Sim to pitch in, selecting the “Help with schoolwork” option.
  5. For Sims striving for excellence, especially those with grades languishing below a B, there’s always the “Do extra credit work” avenue which, when taken, provides noticeable benefits in school.

University Homework in The Sims 4 University Expansion

The University expansion in The Sims 4 introduces a different ball game. With the pursuit of a degree, Sims is saddled with daily homework duties, even before their first class commences. To stay atop this academic ladder and eye that A-plus grade:

  1. The university homework can be accessed via a black-and-white book in the Sim’s inventory.
  2. From this book, players can cherry-pick the specific class homework they desire their Sims to tackle.
  3. To amp up the homework progress, there’s the “Study Spot” lot trait. Players can either:
  • Infuse this trait into their houses or dorms.
  • Opt for a library visit, a place inherently bestowed with the “Study Spot” trait.

But the game-changer lies in the research and debate skills. Sims equipped with this skill don’t just breeze through their homework but also master term papers and presentations with flair. Beginning this skill development in the teenage years can provide a formidable advantage during the university phase.

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