How to Get a Pet in The Sims 4 Guide

How to Get a Pet in The Sims 4 Guide

Everyone knows the joy and antics a furry friend brings to a household. In The Sims 4, these delightful companions don’t just add charm; they seamlessly enhance gameplay with unique interactions and unexpected surprises.

While many are familiar with cats and dogs, The Sims 4 offers a third category: the elusive strays. And as with everything in the game, adopting one comes with its own set of rules and procedures.

How to Get a Pet in Sims 4

How to Get a Pet in Sims 4

Before you embark on this furry journey, there’s a checklist to go through. First and foremost, ensure you have The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs expansion pack – it’s the gateway to this pet haven. Now, take a moment to look around your Sim’s residence.

Can you spot a corner for a cozy dog bed or perhaps a space by the window for a cat perch? Great! You’re all set for the next step. Dive into the virtual realm of your in-game phone or computer and scout for the “Hire a Service” option. This is your golden ticket to pet adoption.

Choosing a Pet

Once you click into pet adoption, you’ll be greeted with a carousel of whiskers and tails. From names to genders, and even details on their breeding capabilities, the menu is a haven for indecisive players.

A quick heads up though – most of these pets have been spayed or neutered. So, if you’re thinking of little paws scampering around soon, you might want to keep an eye out for the few who can still have babies.

But remember, pets are not just about appearances. Each comes with a unique personality – some might be couch potatoes while others could have a mischievous streak. Engage with them, observe their reactions, and most importantly, trust your Sim’s instincts.

Adoption Process

Think of this as a meet-and-greet session. An adoption agent, always dressed to impress, will make an appearance at your Sim’s house. And they aren’t alone! Accompanying them is your potential new family member, curiously exploring their possible new home.

During this time, your main task is to bond. Play fetch, offer treats, or simply engage in a friendly chat (or meow). Each interaction uncovers a layer of their personality, revealing their hidden traits. If all feels right, seal the deal for a mere 200 simoleons.

However, if something feels off, or if the spark isn’t there, no worries. There’s no pressure to adopt. Just inform the agent, and they’ll gracefully exit, leaving you to mull over your options.


Now, the fun part begins! Once the adoption is finalized, it’s time for some customization. Not a fan of the name “Rex”? No problem. Renaming is just a click away. Additionally, as any pet owner knows, a few essentials are crucial.

From comfy beds to playful toys and even specialized items like litter boxes for the feline members, the shopping list is endless. And don’t forget, kittens love a good scratching post, while puppies might appreciate a toy box full of chewable goodies.

Caring for Your Pet in Sims 4

Caring for Your Pet in Sims 4

Owning a pet in Sims 4 isn’t just about cuddly moments and playful antics; it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. Start with the basics: ensure they have a dedicated feeder and a cozy bed. Cat owners, remember, litter boxes aren’t just essential; they come in varieties!

So, choose one that fits your interior decor. And of course, keeping them entertained is vital. From scratch posts for your furball to a dedicated toy box for your playful pup, make sure they have everything to keep them engaged and happy.

Can I Use the Death Flower to Revive My Sim’s Pet in The Sims 4?

In The Sims 4, players cannot use the Death Flower to directly revive their Sim’s pet. However, obtaining the Death Flower can prevent Grim Reaper from taking a Sim’s life, offering some protection. To get the death flower in sims 4, Simmers can graft a Pomegranate and Orchid together to create this elusive and coveted bloom.

Adopting Stray Pets in Sims 4

For those who love a touch of unpredictability, adopting strays can be a delightful roller coaster. Strays aren’t just adorable; they bring with them tales of adventures. Spotting one requires keen observation. But when you do, interaction is key. Engage, play, and most importantly, ensure you see the word “Stray” tagged next to their name.

Strays are like limited-time offers. They don’t stick around for long. Once you’ve found a stray that tugs at your heartstrings, act fast! The adoption procedure mirrors that of regular pets in Sims 4, with interactions at its core. The more you bond, the higher your chances of convincing them to join your household.

Post the Cats and Dogs expansion, the Sims world witnesses NPCs or Non-Playable Characters suddenly developing a penchant for pets. This means, that adorable stray you’ve been eyeing might just get snapped up by an NPC. Hence, keep your game face on and act swiftly.

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