How To Get Pizza Oven in Sims 4

How To Get Pizza Oven in Sims 4

Step into the culinary world of Sims 4 with the ChowBella Portable Pizza Oven. This particular appliance isn’t just a decorative piece; it’s a functional asset to any Sim’s kitchen. Found conveniently under the Kitchen Appliances tab in Build Mode, this oven doesn’t break the bank at just 685 Simoleons.

As a free-standing unit, it provides flexibility in design. Plus, for those adventurous Sims living off-the-grid, this oven has got your back. And did we mention it’s portable? Yep, it can journey with you in your inventory wherever your Sim travels.

Requirements and Setup for Pizza Oven Placement

The design of the pizza oven is pretty intuitive in Sims 4, but you’ll want to be attentive to its placement. Ensure it rests on a countertop or stall, with its open end pointing outwards, guaranteeing your Sims can whip up their favorite pizza with ease. For those who love spontaneity, its portable design allows you to move it around. If you want to switch locations, simply stow it in your inventory and relocate.

Pizza-Making Basics with the Pizza Oven

Pizza-Making Basics with the Pizza Oven

Now, onto the fun part: pizza-making! Your Sim interacts with the ChowBella Portable Pizza Oven just like they would with any standard oven. When those delicious toppings meld together and the crust gets that golden-brown finish, a helpful green light will illuminate, signaling that your scrumptious pizza is ready to be devoured.

For Sims who take their pizza seriously, pairing the oven with the ChowBella Stand Mixer is a game-changer. This mixer is your one-stop-shop for crafting the finest pizza ingredients, be it dough, fresh vegetables, succulent meats, or the catch of the day. Dietary needs? No problem! The mixer caters to all with lactose-free and meat-free ingredient alternatives.

Dive into the art of pizza-making, and you’ll soon discover that utilizing these freshly prepped ingredients can cut down expenses and, more importantly, take your pizza’s taste to new heights. Pro tip: crafting your pizza dough can be a cost-effective strategy that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

Building the Perfect Pizza Oven Setup

Embarking on the ultimate kitchen setup journey in Sims 4? Start by enabling building mode. Use the cheat bar by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C, and type in “bb.moveobjects on”. Now, you’re all set to kick off your design.

Ensure your kitchen counters are neatly aligned for a seamless look. From the Home Chef Hustle collection, add your desired pizza oven. Directly below its intended spot, craft a basement or a room on the lower floor. As a rule of thumb, full-tiled counters simplify the process, ensuring that the room below can be crafted without a hitch.

For Sims looking to add a touch of elegance, a brick fireplace from the Jungle Adventure pack is a splendid choice. Adjust its size with the ‘[‘ key or elevate its position using Ctrl+9 until its green grid skims the top of the wall. To perfectly align it with the counters above, elevate it 9 additional times. Achieve a harmonious aesthetic by synchronizing the lighting both below and above the floor. Once everything’s in place, you’ll find the pizza oven nestling perfectly inside the fireplace grate.

Should your architectural vision place the pizza oven on the 2nd floor, remember, post-setup walls on the floor below can be done away with. Even if the fireplace peeks through on the 1st floor during Live mode, rest assured, it won’t disturb your Sims or be discernible in first-person mode.

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