How To Get The Death Flower In The Sims 4

How To Get The Death Flower In The Sims 4

The Death Flower stands out as a distinctive and uncommon element in The Sims 4. Its rarity is intensified especially when compared to its presence in The Sims 3. This prized flower isn’t just a decorative item; it holds pivotal importance in the game dynamics.

Primary Uses of the Death Flower

Facing the Grim Reaper in The Sims 4 can be a daunting experience. Yet, having a Death Flower on hand offers a lifeline. When a sim is on the brink of passing away, another sim can use the Death Flower as a barter item with the Grim Reaper, effectively saving the imperiled sim. But that’s not its only use.

The kitchen in The Sims 4 can churn out a plethora of dishes, but none quite as mystical as ambrosia. This dish isn’t just for tantalizing taste buds; it’s a revival tool. Ghost sims, once they consume ambrosia, are reborn, returning to their lively selves. The recipe for ambrosia, however, isn’t simple. Along with the elusive Death Flower, sims will need an Angelfish and a Potion of Youth to whip up this dish. And let’s not forget, only those with the pinnacle of culinary expertise – a level 10 cooking skill – can prepare it.

Acquiring the Death Flower Through Grafting in Sims 4

If your sim is keen on horticulture, then acquiring the Death Flower in Sims 4 can be a rewarding venture. Before diving into grafting, ensure your sim has honed their gardening skills. At the fifth level of this skill, the world of grafting opens up.

Now, for the keen gardeners, here’s a method that promises a Death Flower:

  • Begin by grafting a Snapdragon with a Lily. This union produces an Orchid.
  • Next, combine the genes of an Apple and a Cherry. The result? A Pomegranate.
  • Your final grafting endeavor involves the Orchid and the Pomegranate. Merge these, and voilà! The Death Flower is yours.

Caring for the Death Flower plant can be lucrative. On a daily basis, it yields one flower. This single flower, in its basic form, can fetch $240. For those with a green thumb who nurture it to perfection, a pristine Death Flower can be sold for a whopping $667. Pro-tip for maximizing yield: Shift its position in Build/Buy mode, and watch it blossom, offering up to 10 flowers.

Other Methods to Acquire the Death Flower

While grafting is a sure-shot method, there are alternate paths to find the Death Flower in Sims 4. Sometimes, nature offers surprises. Sims might stumble upon this flower while engaged in activities like fishing or even in rare seed packets. Specific locales like the Forgotten Grotto in Oasis Springs and the eerie Forgotten Hollow also hold promise.

Market enthusiasts, keep an eye out at the Magic Realm. Stalls specializing in alchemy supplies might occasionally stock the Death Flower for a price tag of §1,200. Additionally, the apothecary stall in this realm can be a potential vendor.

For those who like shortcuts, cheats are the way. PC users can:

  • Trigger the cheat box with CTRL + SHIFT + C.
  • Enable cheats by entering “testingcheats on”.
  • To unveil hidden objects, key in “bb.showhiddenobjects”.
  • Dive into build mode and search “death flower” to secure it for §1,200.
  • Console aficionados aren’t left out. Simultaneously pressing all four shoulder buttons reveals the cheat menu, paving the way to the coveted flower.

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