Region Relocation And Relocation Token Requirements in The Walking Dead Survivors 

Region Relocation And Relocation Token Requirements in The Walking Dead Survivors 

Region Relocation is implemented in The Walking Dead Survivors so that players are able to relocate their base from one region to another. This is a fantastic game feature because it allows players to switch to an area with more players if their own is underpopulated or when they want to move and play with their friends. In The Walking Dead Survivors, you’ll need a thing called a Relocation Token to move to another area.

All new players also receive a token known as the New Player cross-region relocation token. They can simply use the token to move to a different region if they don’t like the one they’re in. Keep in mind that once your town hall reaches level 6, you will lose this toke. If you lose this token you will have to get a normal Relocation token. If you lose this token you will have to get a normal Relocation token.

The Walking Dead Survivors Relocation token Requirements

Power Ranking Relocation token Requirements
Relocation Token Requirements

The amount of Relocation Token that you need depends on which rank on the leaderboard you will be by power. This means that the higher rank by power you are the more relocation tokens you will need. To reduce the cost of Relocation tokens you can reduce your power by destroying your troops so you rank lower by power in a new region.

How to get Relocation Tokens?

How to get Relocation Tokens?

The Walking Dead Survivors makes it difficult and expensive to obtain a relocation token. There is only one way to obtain them at the moment, and that is to buy them from an in-game store.

You will receive 5 relocation tokens for $5 when you buy a cross-region relocation bundle. If you are a high-power player, you will need to spend an absurd sum of money to relocate because each relocation token costs $1.

The developers of The Walking Dead Survivors should put in place a system that allows players who don’t want to spend money to get relocation tokens. Developers have previously stated that they will put in place a system whereby relocation tokens can be purchased from alliance shops. Hopefully, they will implement it soon.

How to relocate using relocation tokens?

You must meet all requirements, such as having enough relocation tokens, in order to relocate your base. When you’re ready, zoom out of the map to reveal two globes in the right corner of your screen. When you click on them, the Region list will open, allowing you to select the region to which you want to relocate. Simply click the relocate button when you are ready. You must enter confirmation after clicking it. After that, the game will be restarted and you will be in a new region that you chose.

Region Relocation Rules

  • You have enough cross-region relocation tokens.
  • All your fighters are idle
  • Your town hall and fighters are not in any kind of battle.
  • You are not in the clan
  • You have not done cross-region relocation in the last 30 days
  • All your scores on events will be refreshed but you will keep all your speedups, survivors, building, etc.

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