Abomination Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Abomination Build and Best Talent Warcraft Rumble



Melee: Strong vs Ranged units.
AoE: Strong vs Squad units.
Hook: Hooks ranged enemies
Tank: High health unit. Good at soaking Tower damage

Abomination Rating

4/5 - (1 vote)


Health: 3400
Area Damage: 170
Attack Speed: 2.5
DPS: 68

Abomination Overview

Abomination is a decent mini in Warcraft Rumble. His main role is being tanked and absorbing a lot of damage due to his high health. The downside of Abomination is that it has an incredibly low amount of damage and is not so strong against single-target enemies. There are better tanks in Warcraft Rumble that you can use.

  • ‘Noxious Presence’ is highly adaptable, inflicting sustained damage over time, effective against tank units.
  • ‘Cannonball’ talent synergizes well with healing-focused decks, allowing multiple stuns at deployment and when health is halved.
  • ‘Fresh Meat’ can be repeatedly effective if the Abomination consistently hooks targets, though its utility is situation-dependent.
  • As a tank unit with the Undead role, it excels in drawing in ranged enemies for close combat.
  • Costing 6 gold for deployment, the Abomination serves as a sturdy frontline presence capable of disrupting enemy formations.
  • Vulnerable to high-damage single-target minis such as General Drakkisath, Rend Blackhand, and Baron Rivendare.
  • The effectiveness of the ‘Fresh Meat’ talent is conditional and may not always be necessary for defeating hooked ranged minions.

Best Abomination Talent

Noxious Presence

Poison nearby enemies every 3 seconds.

Cannonball – Best Talent

On deploy and at 50% health, stun nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

Fresh Meat

After hooking a target, deal double damage on the next attack.

Best Abomination Builds

Abomination Waste Of Time PVP and PVE Build

  1. Skeletons
  2. Plague Farmer
  3. Ghoul
  4. Cheat Dead
  5. Bloodmage Thalnos
  6. Necromancer
  7. Abomination

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