Angry Chickens Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Angry Chickens Build and Best Talent Warcraft Rumble



Melee: Strong vs Ranged units.
Squad: Strong vs One-Target units.
Cycle: 2 cost or less for more Mini plays!
Fast: Fastest moving units

Angry Chickens Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Health: 25
Damage: 40
Attack Speed: 1
DPS: 40

Angry Chickens Overview

Angry Chickens is a bad unit in Warcraft Rumble. There are other units that are much better options to use in your build.

  • With its Beast role, it’s designed to impede enemy units, effectively slowing them down.
  • The low deployment cost of 2 gold makes it an economical choice for swarming strategies.
  • Can overwhelm robust targets like tanks and towers due to its squad spawn nature.
  • The ‘Walking Crate’ talent offers initial protection, releasing the chickens upon destruction for a surprising attack.
  • Best utilized in numbers to capitalize on their swarming ability to disrupt and damage enemy defenses.
  • Susceptible to spells and abilities that deal area damage, which can quickly eliminate the flock.

Best Angry Chickens Talent


Nearby Beast allies can consume a Chicken to heal themselves.

Walking Crate – Best Talent

Deploy in a protective crate. When destroyed, Chickens emerge.

Furious Fowl

Gain Fury.

Best Angry Chickens Builds

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