Bat Rider Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Bat Rider Build and Best Talent Warcraft Rumble



Flying: Strong vs Melee units.
AoE: Strong vs Squad units.
Bombard: Attacks ground enemies only.
Cycle: 2 cost or less for more Mini plays!
Elemental: Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.

Bat Rider Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Health: 170
Area Damage: 250
Attack Speed: 2.5
DPS: 100
Range: 6.5

Bat Rider Overview

Bat Rider is a decent mini in Warcraft Rumble. His main role is dealing rage AOE damages he is perfect if you are facing against a lot of enemies and groups of units.

  • Capable of AoE damage, effective for engaging multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • As a flying unit, it can evade melee attacks while dealing damage from the air.
  • Cost-efficient, requiring only 2 gold for deployment, making it a budget-friendly aerial option.
  • ‘Flaming Pitch’ is a favorable talent, enhancing its ground attack without needing a larger area of effect.
  • Prone to attacks from single-target units, particularly those with ranged DPS capabilities that can target flying enemies.

Best Bat Rider Talent

Flaming Pitch

Flaming pool reduces enemy’s speed by 30%.

Enchanted Vials – Best Talent

Increase the size of the flaming pool by 30%.

Fiery Surplus

“Accidentally” leave vials on the ground, Burning nearby enemies that touch them.

Best Bat Rider Builds

Bat Rider Elemental Build

  1. Bat Rider
  2. Quillboar
  3. Gryphon Rider
  4. Pyromancer
  5. Dark Iron Miner
  6. Frostwolf Shaman
  7. General Drakkisath

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