Charlga Razorflank Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Charlga Razorflank Build and Best Talent Warcraft Rumble



Ranged: Attacks enemies from a distance.
One-Target: Strong vs AoE units.
Attack Root: Attack roots enemies.
Bombard: Attacks ground enemies only.
Cycle: 2 cost or less for more Mini plays!
Percent Damage: Deals a percentage of the target’s health in damage.

Charlga Razorflank Rating

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Health: 320
Percent Damage: 8
Damage: 6
DPS: 24
Range: 8.5

Charlga Razorflank Overview

Charlga Razorflank is Range Leader in Warcraft Rumble. She is an extremely bad leader and if you are a new player, you should stay away from her. Yes, she has a low gold cost but she can die immediately. You can use her only if you want to have some fun with fast games.

  • Specializes in ranged attacks within the Beast role, effectively engaging enemies from a distance.
  • Affordable deployment, requiring only 2 gold, making her an economical choice.
  • Offers crowd control capabilities, particularly useful for rooting fast-moving troops to enhance allied DPS effectiveness.
  • ‘Nature’s Grasp’ is a versatile talent, providing all-round utility.
  • The ‘Cavernous Mists’ talent reduces deployment cost, further enhancing her economic efficiency.
  • Not recommended for beginners due to the complexity and strategic nature of her abilities.
  • Her effectiveness is highly dependent on the synergy with a well-constructed deck.
  • Best utilized with protective front-line units to maximize her crowd control and damage output while preserving her survivability.
  • Possesses lower health, which makes her susceptible to being quickly eliminated if not adequately shielded by tanks.
  • Requires careful positioning and support to leverage her crowd control abilities effectively without being targeted.

Best Charlga Razorflank Talent

Nature’s Grasp

Root two additional nearby targets, but deal half damage.

Cavernous Mists – Best Talent

Deploy cost reduced by 1.

Spirit Passage

Minis played for 5 Gold gain a level and deploy in Stealth.

Best Charlga Razorflank Builds

Charlga Razorflank PVP and PVE Build

  1. Defias Bandits
  2. Charlga Razorflank
  3. Quilboar
  4. Chain Lightning
  5. Gnoll Brute
  6. Harpies
  7. Necromancer

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