Deep Breath Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Deep Breath Build and Best Talent Warcraft Rumble



Spell: Cast anywhere on the map.
AoE: Strong vs Squad units.
Elemental: Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.

Deep Breath Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Area Damage: 400
Range: 25

Deep Breath Overview

Deep Breath is a spell card in Warcraft Rumble rated as Tier A. This is a strong card that will deal decent damage to armored units. How you will use this spell depends on your playstyle and your build.

  • Delivers area of effect damage, allowing for impact on multiple targets.
  • Useful for engaging with groups of enemies due to its wide damage radius.
  • The spell is assigned to the Blackrock role, aligning with certain strategic uses.
  • Priced at 4 gold for deployment, which balances its area damage capability with cost.
  • The ‘Melting Point’ effect is particularly effective against Armored enemies, stripping away their protective armor upon damage.

Best Deep Breath Talent


Allies caught in the effect gain Resist.

Melting Point – Best Talent

Damaging Armored enemies removes their Armor.

Double Dragon

Cast a second wave in the opposite direction.

Best Deep Breath Builds

Deep Breath Control PVP Build

  1. Defias Bandits
  2. Plague Farmer
  3. Darkspear Troll
  4. Pyromancer
  5. Tirion Fordring
  6. Deep Breath
  7. Abomination

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