Gryphon Rider Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Gryphon Rider Build and Best Talent



Flying: Strong vs Melee units.
One-Target: Strong vs AoE units.
Cycle: 2 cost or less for more Mini plays!

Gryphon Rider Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Health: 170
Damage: 160
DPS: 145
Attack Speed: 1.4

Gryphon Rider Overview

Gryphon Rider is A Tier mini in Warcraft Rumble. She is great against tanks, but you have to be careful how you use her because she has relatively low health. You will need 2 gold to deploy Gryphon Rider.

  • ‘Odyn’s Fury’ talent enhances damage output over time, particularly effective against tanks.
  • Improved survivability and matchup outcomes with the ‘Might Throw’ talent, increasing range by +3.
  • Offers targeted damage from the air, dealing with both aerial and ground threats.
  • Affordable deployment cost at only 2 gold, making it an economical choice for its role.
  • As a flying unit, it can bypass certain ground-based defenses and obstacles.
  • Less effective against squad-based units that can overwhelm single targets.
  • Vulnerable to specific minis such as Whelp Eggs, Drake, and Harpies that can counter flying units efficiently.

Best Gryphon Rider Talent

Air Drop – Best Talent

Periodically drop a potion, Leveling Up the first ally to touch it.

Odyn’s Fury

Gain Fury.

Mighty Throw

Gain +3 Range.

Best Gryphon Rider Builds

Gryphon Rider Control PVP Build

  1. Harvest Golem
  2. S.A.F.E Pilot
  3. Tirion Fordring
  4. Drake
  5. Frostwolf Shaman
  6. Ogre Mage
  7. Core Hounds

Gryphon Rider Any Mode Build

  1. Gryphon Rider
  2. Skeletons
  3. Pyromancer
  4. Gnoll Brute
  5. Gargoyel
  6. Stonehoof Tauren
  7. Sylvanas Windrunner

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