Hogger Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Hogger Build Guide Warcraft Rumble


Relentless:Hogger’s movement and attack speed increase 35% each time he is played.

Melee: Strong vs Ranged units.
AoE: Strong vs Squad units.
Tank: High health unit. Good at soaking Tower damage

Hogger Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Health: 1120
Area Damage: 190
DPS: 79
Attack Speed: 2.4
Speed: Fast

Hogger Overview

Hogger is a leader in Warcraft Rumble, and it is rated as Tier A. What is great about Hogger is that he is dealing a great amount of damage while managing to tank a lot of damage. This is a great leader for new players because it is hard to make mistakes with him. So if you are a new player you should definitely use Hogger in your builds.

  • High attack and health stats.
  • Ability to increase maximum health incrementally.
  • Durability as a frontline unit.
  • Effective in absorbing tower damage.
  • Versatile adaptation to various game scenarios.
  • Inflicts area of effect melee damage, ideal against groups of spawned troops.
  • Exhibits rapid movement, making it hard for enemies to target.
  • Attack and movement speed boost by 35% with each play.
  • As a leader mini, Hogger excels in tank roles.
  • Can be deployed for 4 gold, offering strategic value.
  • Ineffective to apply poison to Hogger due to its high health gain.
  • Requires a high DPS (Damage Per Second) unit to effectively counter.
  • Spells like Blizzard or similar abilities that can disable or slow him down are essential to allow DPS units to maximize damage.

Best Hogger Talent

Ham Hock – Best Talent

Hogger also gains +10% max health each time he is played.

Spoiled Meat

Gain Poison.

Fatal Frenzy

On death, Bloodlust nearby Beasts.

Best Hogger Builds

Hogger PVP Build

  1. Defias Bandits
  2. Quilboar
  3. Murloc Tidehunters
  4. S.A.F.E Pilot
  5. Whelp Eggs
  6. Hogger
  7. Hunteress

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