Rend Blackhand Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Rend Blackhand Build Guide Warcraft Rumble


Leader:Blacken the Skies- Your other Flying troops cost 1 less Gold while Rend is in play (but no less than 2).

Flying: Strong vs Melee units.
AoE: Strong vs Squad units.
Dismounts: Dismounts the mount/vehicle after it’s destroyed.
Elemental: Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.

Rend Blackhand Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Rend Dmg: 140
Rend DPS: 82
Rend Health: 1200
Attack Speed: 1.7

Rend Blackhand Overview

Rend Blackhand is a great leader in Warcraft Rumble and is rated as Tier A. What makes him great is that he is dealing AOE damage and it will reduce cost of other flying units by 1 gold. This makes him ideal for new players who do not have strong units.

  • Specializes in area-of-effect damage, effective against groups and armored foes.
  • Possesses the flying ability, offering tactical flexibility and evasion against certain attacks.
  • Reduces the deployment cost of flying troops, fostering synergy with units like Whelps and Harpies.
  • Demonstrates a robust defense with the “Scale and Steel” talent, gaining resistance while airborne and armor when on the ground.
  • Notably strong against melee adversaries and excels at dispatching squad units.
  • Utilize high-damage units such as Darkspear Trolls and Gargoyles to counter his defenses.
  • Employ Drake or Blizzard spells to decelerate his movement, reducing his effectiveness.
  • Defias Bandits can be used to stun Rend Blackhand, inhibiting his ability to attack or move temporarily.

Best Rend Blackhand Talent

Flaming Soul

Cast Living Bomb upon dismounting, damaging nearby enemies.

Scale and Steel – Best Talent

Gain Resistant while flying and Armored while dismounted.


Dismount when first taking damage. The Drake continues fighting.

Best Rend Blackhand Builds

Rend Blackhand Pve Build

  1. Gryphon Rider
  2. Quilboar
  3. Earth Elemental
  4. Harpies
  5. S.A.F.E Pilot
  6. Drake
  7. Rend Blackhand

Rend Blackhand Build

  1. Gryphon Rider
  2. Quilboar
  3. Harpies
  4. S.A.F.E Pilot
  5. Drake
  6. Pyromancer
  7. Rend Blackhand

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