Sneed Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Sneed Build and Best Talent Warcraft Rumble


Leader: Sneed Before Greed -Gain 2 Gold when a Siege Damage unit destroys a Tower, captures a Meeting Stone, or opens a Chest.

Melee: Strong vs Ranged units.
Tank: High health unit. Good at soaking Tower damage
AoE: Strong vs Squad units
Armored: 50% Physical damage reduction.

Sneed Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Health: 1040
Damage: 360
DPS: 120
Attack Speed: 3
Speed: Medium

Sneed Overview

Sneed is a Leader in Warcraft Rumble rated as Tier B. He is a great leader who is capable of tanking a lot of physical damage, and his main focus is towers and bosses. There are better leaders that you can use instead of Sneed.

  • Sneed is highly durable, making him ideal for leading assaults on towers and bosses.
  • He is capable of generating additional gold, enhancing resource acquisition during battles.
  • His ‘Lead with Greed’ talent is particularly effective, granting +2 bonus gold, which boosts your in-game economy.
  • Can inflict substantial damage on enemy groups, which can be maximized when paired with high-damage units.
  • To maximize Sneed’s potential, it’s advantageous to support him with high DPS minis to quickly overwhelm enemy defenses.
  • Efficient use of Sneed’s abilities can lead to accelerated tower destruction and significant economic advantages.
  • Deployment requires a strategic investment of 5 gold, so planning for his inclusion in your lineup is crucial for effective resource management.

Best Sneed Talent

Mine Is Money, Friend!

Gain the Miner trait.

Lead With Greed – Best Talent

Gain an additional +2 Gold when Sneed triggers Sneed Before Greed.

Land Grab

Gain a level whenever non-passive Gold is earned.

Best Sneed Builds

Sneed Build

  1. Smoke Bomb
  2. Goblin Sapper
  3. Quillboar
  4. Darkspear Troll
  5. S.A.F.E. Pilot
  6. Sneed
  7. Ogre Mage

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