Tirion Fordring Build and Best Talent: Warcraft Rumble

Tirion Fordring Build Guide Warcraft Rumble

Tirion Fordring is one of the best leaders that new players can have and use in the Warcraft Rumble. Tirion Fordring is a simple but effective leader because of his high degree of determination and healing. Make sure that you have good DPS units with him. To summon him, you will need 4 gold.


Leader Ability:
Holy Light: Heals all nearby friendly units..

Melee: Strong vs Ranged units.
One-Target: Strong vs AoE units.
Armored: 50% Physical damage reduction.
Healer: Heals friendly units.
Tank: High health unit. Good at soaking Tower damage

Tirion Fordring Rating

5/5 - (1 vote)


Damage: 120
DPS: 66
Health: 700
Healing: 160
Attack Speed: 1.8
Speed: Medium

Best Tirion Fordring Talent

Divine Shield – Best Talent

Gain a magical shield at 30% health, absorbing all damage for 5 seconds.


Regularly consecrate the ground, Damaging enemies within.

By The Light

Heal the primary target for twice as much.

Best Tirion Fordring Builds

Tirion Fordring PVE Build

  1. Harvest Golem
  2. S.A.F.E Pilot
  3. Tirion Fordring
  4. Drake
  5. Frostwolf Shaman
  6. Ogre Mage
  7. Core Hounds

Tirion Fordring PVP Build

  1. Murloc Tidehunters
  2. Gryphon Rider
  3. Tirion Fordring
  4. Blizzard
  5. Frostwolf Shaman
  6. Footman
  7. Core Hounds

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