How to teleport / airlift in Warpath


In Warpath you have 2 types of teleporting and they are Entry Permit and airlift. 

They are both hard to obtain in Warpath so I advise you to use them carefully. 

How to airlift/teleport using Transfer Instructions? 

First thing is that you must have items called Transfer Instructions. With that item, you can perform airlift/ teleport anywhere in your City. 

First, click on the item and press use. Now you should be able to choose where you want your Base to be airlifted. After you find a location where you want to be teleported, press the green button and your city will be airlifted to that location. 

Keep in mind that your units must be inside your Base. If you do not recall your units back to base you will be teleported without them and they will have to walk back to your base. 

Entry Permit is a type of item that you need if you want to go to another City. You have to save it because it is hard to obtain it. When a new city opens just simply click on Entry Permit and you should be in a new city. 

Do not forget to use all warpath redeem codes because there is a chance of getting a free airlift.

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