We have acquired Gameblurb.net

Pillarofgaming.com is one of the leading platforms for gaming guides and news. We are pleased to announce that Pillarofgaming has acquired the gaming site gameblurb.net. Gameblurb was the leading provider of gaming news and was visited by tens of thousands of gamers every day. By publishing real news, Gameblurb developed a community of gamers and fans. The acquisition of Gameblurb is bringing whole new value to gaming news and guides, better research and testing of games, the ability to write gaming news even faster and so much more gaming content.

What is Pillarofgaming.com about?

Pillarofgaming is a site that provides guides and news for video games. The main goal of pillarofgaming.com is to give gamers all the tips and tricks they need to become the best in gaming. We are providing all the guides and news for all the biggest games, tier lists, codes for free items, and game reviews. We are also covering all gaming platforms, from PC to mobile.

We have a great editorial team that is passionate about gaming. Before they write a guide, they are making sure that they get all their knowledge about the game by playing it for so many hours. Every day, our editorial team is working hard to provide gamers with the most up-to-date guides and news about gaming. Feel free to check out down below some of the awesome posts and news that our editorial team has covered.

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