Alchemist Cookie Topping Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Alchemist Cookie Topping Build and Guide

Since her debut, Alchemist Cookie has been a Rare Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. She belongs to the Bomber type, and the middle is given priority for her position. She is the younger sister of Vampire Cookie. When her meter is completely charged, she has the capacity to produce Jelly designs depending on the thoughts she is having at that particular moment.

Additionally, she has Energy Scale, her pet, with her. In an effort to understand how to change the atoms, she is constantly doing irrational computations. She also understands that being idle or passive will accomplish nothing. She believes that in order to obtain anything valuable, one must first provide something valuable in exchange.

The Alchemist Cookie, a clever cookie that solely cares about research, is prepared from the most current grapes, the fruit of ancient royalty. A mysterious old book containing dark magic techniques is concealed deep beneath the Witch’s library. It can be argued that Alchemist Cookie could have gotten her hands on it.

Continue reading to learn about the best Alchemist Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Alchemist Cookie Topping Builds

Three different toppings can be utilized for Alchemist Cookie, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Since every topping in the Cookie Run Kingdom serves a unique purpose and should be applied only after a clear understanding of what each does, the same applies to the Alchemist Cookie.

For this Cookie, you may use a set of Five Searing Raspberry Toppings, Swift Chocolate Toppings, or Sweet Candy Toppings. The Searing Raspberry Toppings aim to increase the Cookie’s assault effect, the Swift Chocolate Toppings work to increase a skill’s cooldown, and the Sweet Candy works to amplify buff effects. 

Alchemist Cookie Skill

Unstable Formula is the name of the Alchemist Cookie’s talent, in which she starts studying a Poison formula that, when hurled at the opponents, inflicts damage gradually. The three phases of Alchemist Cookie’s study are: the lower the stage, the smaller the impacted area; the higher the stage is, the more area is impacted, and there is a larger quantity of damage. When the Cookie reaches the third step, the Formula is automatically thrown.

She also possesses the ability to use alchemy to produce Grape Jellies at predetermined intervals. To switch between the various alchemical kinds, the player needs to hop. With her Magic Candy, Alchemist Cookie can create Rainbow Grape Jellies whenever she performs alchemy. A higher strength of the enchanted power means more Rainbow Grape Jellies will be produced.

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