Caramel Arrow Cookie Topping Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Caramel Arrow Cookie Topping Build and Guide

The Heroes of Dark Cacao update’s second installment saw the debut of the Epic Cookie known as the Caramel Arrow Cookie. She is a Ranged Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom who, unless there are currently two Cookies filling the position, is always sent to the front of the squad. She was briefly expelled from the Black Citadel and downgraded as a result of Affogato Cookie’s interference, but now she is the first guardian of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. The Caramel Watchtower, which can be found on the Kingdom of the Unwavering set, is her special cookie decoration. 

Caramel Arrow Cookie is still enraged with Affogato Cookie because of his defamation of her, and she makes a vow to return to the citadel one day to show her innocence. She feels that Dark Cacao Cookie’s attitude and leadership have changed as a result of the toxic rumors spread by Affogato Cookie; therefore, her dislike of him appears to transcend beyond a single occurrence. She is outspoken and unafraid to brand Affogato Cookie, a dishonorable worm, and a sly, sniveling snake in order to draw attention to his betrayal.

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Caramel Arrow Cookie Topping Builds

Caramel Arrow Cookie can agree that searing raspberries are her friend because they increase the potency of her arrows. For increasing ATK DMG strength of Caramel Arrow Cookie, the greatest Caramel Arrow Cookie Toppings would be five Searing Raspberry Toppings.

The toppings build set that provides more DMG Resistance is the combination of three Searing Raspberry Toppings and two Solid Almond Toppings. Or, to enhance ATK SPD and DMG, use three Searing Raspberry Toppings and two Bouncy Caramel.

Caramel Arrow Cookie Skills

Ranged attacks are made by Caramel Arrow Cookie, who also marks the target with an arrow. When Caramel Arrow Cookie charges an opponent after a ranged assault, the Arrow Mark detonates, causing damage based on the opponent’s maximum health. The maximum DMG for this is 300,000.

Caramel Arrow Cookie gains immunity to debuffs as a result of the buff she obtains during the ranged strike. Caramel Arrow Cookie will become impervious to interrupting effects while utilizing her talent. The bow used by Caramel Arrow Cookie resembles a stylized Gakgung, often known as a Korean horn bow. This reflex bow is distinguished by its compact size and power draw.

Brown Arrow Cookie is a tenacious, devoted, and mentally tough girl. She recounts the events of her exile as the story is introduced, but she quickly snaps out of it and shifts her attention to something else. She advises herself to focus and change her attitude, adding that there are still many things she can do in the wilds to give her predicament a more optimistic spin.

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