Cherry Blossom Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Cherry BlossomCookie Topping Build and Guide

The third installment of the Heroes of Dark Cacao update introduced the Epic Cookie known as Cherry Blossom Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. She is an Ambush Cookie, and as the Rear of the team, she is always dispatched there unless there are currently two Cookies holding that spot since her priority position is at the front. She and her sister Cherry Cookie both play the lead roles in The Best Spring Picnic Ever.

The briefcase, speech pattern, and parasol-flying prowess of Cherry Blossom Cookie’s persona suggest that she may be a Mary Poppins allusion. Cherry Blossom Cookie will use this parasol to fly when utilizing her ability or if she chooses to.

Continue reading to learn about the best Cherry Blossom Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Cherry Blossom Cookie Toppings Builds

The optimal build for Cherry Blossom Cookie toppings would have five Searing Raspberry toppings and cooldown sub-stats. By choosing the Searing Raspberry toppings with high cooldown sub-stats, you can reduce the duration of her skill’s cooldown.

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, an alternative construction for Cherry Blossom Cookie toppings may be created by combining Swift Chocolate toppings and Searing Raspberry toppings. Three Searing Raspberry and two Swift Chocolate toppings are available for selection. Furthermore, you may choose to add three Swift Chocolate toppings and two Searing Raspberry toppings.

Cherry Blossom Cookie Skill

In order to cause area damage to her adversaries, Cherry Blossom Cookie soars high and rains down cherry blossoms on them. She will raise allies’ ATK and deliver more damage to non-Cookie foes; the extra amount will vary depending on how many foes are struck by the talent.

For the majority of PVP fights, her talent isn’t the greatest because the damage isn’t great, her boost may be hard to develop, and you’re often better off benching her for a better cookie. However, she can hold her own in PVE when there are several adversaries to scale the team’s attack off swiftly. Although her major buff scales are based on the number of foes struck, she won’t be the determining element in boss fights later in the tale.

Instead, the Tropical Soda Islands and the Cookie Alliance are where she thrives the most since they allow her to swiftly create ATK stacks for the squad and do significant area damage. Overall, Cherry Blossom Cookie isn’t all that great. Instead, she steps in where Cookies like Caramel Arrow and Eclair fell short of making an impression.

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