Clotted Cream Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Clotted Cream Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

As the initial release of the eagerly anticipated Council of Heroes update, The Clotted Cream Cookie has been added to the Cookie Run Kingdom catalog. Fans may anticipate the Clotted Cream Cookie to play a big part in the Cookie Odyssey plot as the Consul of the Creme Republic as well as the Council of Nine Elders’ youngest member.

He is a Magic Cookie, which means that unless there are already two Magic Cookies occupying the Middle, he is always placed there. He has zero bonds. Despite his ambition and desire for status advancement, Clotted Cream Cookie is more concerned about his fellow Cookies’ well-being than most characters in his position are.

Continue reading to learn about the best Clotted Cream Cookie Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Clotted Cream Cookie Toppings Builds

The topping build may mostly be utilized as a DPS to accomplish two objectives. Players have the option of using a Swift Chocolate build to improve their ability’s casting frequency, or a Searing Raspberry build to boost the damage dealt by each skill cast. The 15-second basic cooldown of Clotted Cream can be increased without the use of toppings.

Swift Chocolate Topping’s effect is less important when taking into consideration both of these aspects than players being able to deliver substantially more damage with each hit. An additional 30% DMG rating is possible with the Searing Raspberry build. For further CRIT and DMG resistance, users have also been experimenting with a mixture of Juicy Apple Jelly and Searing Raspberry.

Users are urged to upgrade their Clotted Cream Cookie and his skills to the highest level before using toppings to their maximum potential. The more proportionate influence that the toppings may have on a cookie, the higher its stats should be before applying them.

Clotted Cream Cookie Skill

The Consul Orders skill allows Clotted Cream to cast a Light Cage onto the closest opponent using his Cloak of Light. When the Light Cage’s time is up, it will additionally do additional damage based on the target’s HP. Simply said, the assault cannot be prevented by cookies, just as it cannot be stopped by cookies shielded from pauses and any potential buffs the opposing side may have.

The Cookie Run Kingdom has never before experienced such an attack. Clotted Cream Cookie will become impervious to effects that would interrupt him while he is executing his skill. The only character who can dodge the DMG from the Light Cage if the opponent team has a Clotted Cream casting his talent is Clotted Cream himself because he is immune to interruptions.

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